What we did last week 😁

I cooked quite a few dishes last week. Posting pictures of some of them. Being a vegetarian, and due to lockdown, I have found enough time to try new recipes.

Also, the featured picture is of Paneer Pulao.

Kadai Mushroom, Mango, Pickle and Puri.
Potato filling bun sandwich.
Onions and Potato Pakoras.

As I love to paint, and I trying painting or sketching or colouring atleast once a week, here’s one which I made last week.

Romance in the rains, done in water colours on A3.

Just for a little laugh, Junior’s weird sleeping positions 😁

That’s my lipstick on his face when I kissed him 😍

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Sapna Shah

A Dog Mom, who's dogs have adopted her.

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