We sparkled every single day 😊

Another picture gallery of all the fun Mumma and Baby had in the lockdown.

The featured picture is of Quinoa made in Tomato Puree. Healthy, delicious and filling. Yum!

Onion Rawa Dosa made from Semolina, Rice Flour, Onions and Green Chillies. It is super easy, super fast and super tasty.
Cottage Cheese Enchiladas. The sauce is homemade and the filling is of Paneer and White Sauce. It’s not a typical Enchilada, but I tried something different and it turned out to be too good.
A vegetable to be had with Rotis made with Bell Peppers and Gram Flour. Another quick and delicious dish to make.
Another Sabzi made with Potatoes and Lady Fingers. This is my all time favourite dish to eat with Chapati.
Painted a colourful rainy evening couple.
Made this handsome baby Goofy’s portrait in Oil Pastels as a gift for a friend. This baby is no more. But always in our hearts ❤️
It takes 4 muscular men to get Junior’s nails cut 🤣
Post nail cutting, he sleeps in his all time favourite weird position. But sleeps like baby as he has lost all his energy in resisting nail cutting.
Then Mumma had to pamper him and remind him that he is always a good day 😍

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Sapna Shah

A Dog Mom, who's dogs have adopted her.

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