Dog Neutering.

I come across many pet parents who are confused about spaying or neutering their dogs. First, let us understand the difference between spay and neuter. Spaying is removing the ovaries and uterus of a female dog, and neutering is removing the testicles of a male dog. It is a veterinary procedure that requires minimal hospitalization.

In this post, I will be mainly talking about neutering as I have male dogs and would like to share my experience and opinion about it. As I mentioned before, pet parents are usually confused, or at times even unaware, whether to neuter their dogs. In my professional opinion, not only as a dog mom or a former animal activist, but also as an animal lover, neutering dogs is always a good option.

“The big snip,” as some people call it, provides many health benefits beyond making sure dogs do not become puppy daddies. Neutering can cut the risk of certain diseases, unwanted behaviours, and conflicts with other dogs. In all ways, this is 100% true through personal experience.

Partners in crime…always together.

When I had only Casper, I did not get him neutered earlier as I wanted to get him mated. As many of you will agree, Labradors as young dogs are extremely hyper. Casper was a handful for me to handle all alone, specially in public. Eventually I got him mated four times and in total he had 22 puppies. When I had gone to pick Junior up (Casper’s son), I was shocked to see the condition the bitch and the puppies were living in. While it was not terrible, it wasn’t exactly good either. It was a litter of 8 puppies; all of them where been given for adoption. Majority of the families were inexperienced, first time pet owners who did not really understand the responsibility that comes along with taking a pet in your home. This was an eye opener for me and the very same day I decided to neuter Casper. Coincidently Junior was returned three times after adoption (story mentioned in my previous blogs) and eventually I ended up adopting him (best decision of my life), my Vet suggested to neuter Casper immediately. The reason was, so that two male dogs with an age gap do not end up into a nasty fight.

Honestly, I was a little scared at first to let Casper go under the knife, predominantly because at that time, I was not completely aware of the benefits of neutering. But soon after Casper recovered from the surgery, he was a changed dog. He was much calmer and out of the blue, a very obedient dog. His walks became like a piece of cake for me as he had stopped pulling or getting excited. By no means I am saying he had become dull. What I mean is, from a hyper dog, he had become a cool harmonious dog. Seeing this, after some months I got Junior neutered too and got the same good results. The vet told me to keep a check on their weight; with the right balance of exercise, food and getting their energy burnt, they were always in the perfect weight segment.

Always stuck to each other.

Apart from behavioural changes, there are many other benefits of neutering your dog.

  • It eliminates the occurrence of testicular cancer
  • Neutered dogs are not sexually frustrated! Infact, animals become sexually frustrated when responsible pet owners do not permit them to mate and satisfy those hormonally driven urges. Without testosterone, these urges are not present, and the animals are more likely to focus their attention on their human family rather than on reproduction
  • Neutering markedly reduces the incidence of benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland, prostatitis, and perineal hernias in dogs
  • It reduces the number of unwanted litter where the poor puppies are sold or given up for adoption to just anyone
  • It also helps a dog live a healthier, longer life, and they may reduce behavioural issues. Neutered dogs are generally less aggressive
  • It is almost a risk-free surgery and not very expensive

But, but, but … as we know, not everyone thinks this way. Some pet parents that I have come across have extremely different views, which, at times, leaves me flabbergasted! Sharing some of the most common reasons I have heard from pet parents for not neutering their pets:

  • I have heard some say, “I cannot see my baby in pain.”

No one can, but this is a painless surgery. And post-surgery also the dog is not in pain and practically gets back to his routine in no time.

  • I have heard this a few times, “How can you take away what God has given!”

What they fail to realize is by neutering, I am only ensuring an accident free and healthy long life for my dog!

  • One specific person had once told me, “Mating is a natural process for which I will not get him neutered.”

Believe it or not, his dog is 4+ years old now and till date he has not got his dog mated. His dog humps on everyone he meets and is barking all the time out of sexual frustration.

  • The best one I have heard till date, and I just have to share, “There are not benefits of neutering. All these are vet created to earn more money from surgeries.”

Honestly, to people so blinded with their own judgements and refusing to listen to scientifically proven expert advices, all I can say is “No Comments!”

As per my personal experience with my dogs, I would like to conclude this blog by saying, “Spay or Neuter your dogs.” My dogs are extremely well behaved, ideal body weight, healthy and happy.

Eat, play, sleep, repeat!

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