The week was mine, and I owned it!

The featured image is of Sweet Corns in Spinach Gravy. Absolutely healthy and a treat in the mouth.

One of my favourites. Falafal. Yes, I made a Falafal Wrap also from this.
Creamy Chessy Mushroom Spinach Lasagna.
Paneer Pulao. Have it with curd or as it is, it is mouth watering.
Homemade Pizza in ultra delicious tomato sauce and home baked base.
A simple and quick sabzi for Jain’s made from Bananas and Cardimom Powder.
Again a dish for Jain’s. Banana Pakoras with Coconut Chutney.
Just painted free hand this time. A semi traditional cityscape in rains.
My kiddo relishing over Ice Cream 😘
Who’s there?
Miss those days when we could freely go to the beach.

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Sapna Shah

A Dog Mom, who's dogs have adopted her.

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