All the things that I love

The featured image is of Pav Bhaji. This dish is a Mumbai local. It’s a mix of all the vegetables, butter and some masalas; to be eaten with Pav.

Pav Bhaji. Yummm!
This is called Handva. It is a thick pancake, shallow fried and amazing for a pot meal.
My lunch plate which consists of Puri, Chole, Aloo Sabzi, Doodh Pak (Milk and Rice Custard), Dal, Pickle and a sweet.
Tandoori Paneer Pizza
Garlic Bread. My Dad favourite 😊
I painted this lovely house.
Every bite you take, I’ll be watching you πŸ˜‚
That’s his favourite position to sleep 😜
The love for him is infinite ❀️

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Sapna Shah

A Dog Mom, who's dogs have adopted her.

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