Home is, where food, Junior and painting is.

Cottage Cheese, Onions and Potato Pakoras with Ginger Tea.
Tried making Khao Souy at home. Turned out to be reasonably good.
Kadai Paneer. I hate Bell Peppers, so I didn’t have much. But my brother loved it.
Made Red Velvet and Cream Jar Cake. Super easy and quick.
Chole, Puri and Cucumber Salad
A dream, which will come true one day. When I paint 🎨
Never take those for granted when they care, for when they are gone, you will realise no one was ever down for you like they were, and it will be too late. Make this in soft pastels.
I smell dandruff 🤣
She annoys me, but I love her ❤️

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Sapna Shah

A Dog Mom, who's dogs have adopted her.

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