Weekend Vibes

Last Oondhiyu of the season. Will get to eat this sabzi after a year now. This was my lunch, Oondhiyu, Puri, Peda, Papad, Shrikhand and Papaya Salad.
Honey Chilli Cottage Cheese
Batter preparation for Chillas (Spicy Pancakes)
Wheat Flour Chillas (Pancakes)
This I bought from a store. Chocolate and Regular Paan. It helps in digestion.
Noodles in Honey Chilli Sauce
I painted me again 😃
Mondays are never blue in this house 🏡
Junior loves my maid 🤩
And she loves Junior too 😍

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Sapna Shah

A Dog Mom, who's dogs have adopted her.

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