Good food, good mood 🥰

Sesame Seeds Potato sabzi
Once again, Mumbai special Pav Vada
Mixed vegetable Pulao
One of my favourites, Pav Sandwich made in spicy garlic sauce and veggies of your choice.
Bread and Vegetables Salad made in Curd, Honey, Salt and Pepper dressing.
Open Sandwich with Falafel Pattíe and Veggies
The featured image of Vegetable Burger and Fries
Tried my first portrait in Watercolours. My baby Junior 💕
Since it was Halloween, I painted this yesterday.
Taking some Vitamin D
Deep thinking 🧐
He plays at his comfort level 😁

Tricky Moments

Have you ever had a moment of blank out; a moment when something so scary happened, that within a matter of milliseconds, millions of thoughts rushed through your mind, squeezing your heart with the pressure equivalent to a zillion tons! I have gone through this more than a few times, and, as many of you may be assuming by now; it was not due to my ex or a failed relationship, but rather due to my dogs! While some of these moments were really scary, others were funny. But as it’s said, life is about moments. The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experiences, whether good or bad. Sharing some of my bad and good experiences where in some I cried, and others I laughed.

Let me start with the scariest, and, worst moment with Casper. When my ex-husband and I lived in Mumbai, we would set off to our farm house in Karjat every weekend. Of course, Casper would always be with us, and, we would all get time to spend with our other two dogs (Coal and Ruby) in Karjat. Casper too would get an open space to play, swim, and socialize with Coal and Ruby. Since there were no restaurants or vegetable market next to our farm house, we would always make a quick stop at a restaurant which was half an hour away from our farm house, pick up some food and then proceed to the farm house.  This one time, when as usual we stopped at the restaurant, I opened the car door to get out taking all precautions that Casper doesn’t come out. But somehow he managed to escape. My ex-husband had already walked a few steps towards the restaurant and I was near the car. I tried getting close to Casper (biggest mistake) but Casper thought we had to play, and, to my horror, ran straight towards the highway. I let out a loud cry because I saw a truck approaching, and, within a second I thought I had lost Casper today. Hearing my cry, my ex-husband immediately ran towards Casper. By then I had already closed my eyes and started crying hysterically. After a few minutes, I heard my ex-husband calling me and telling me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw Casper was in his arms – safe and sound. He had a narrow escape. I still get goosebumps thinking about this day.

Besides that, I had a very funny incident with Casper. My whole family along with Casper and Junior had gone for a long weekend to Deolali. The house that we have in Deolali is in a society which consists of 6 bungalows. All the bungalows were filled as it was the Diwali weekend, and everyone had come there with their family and friends. I was scared because I had 2 dogs with me and there were a lot of kids. Thankfully, Casper and Junior were welcomed with open arms and everyone had a great time. One morning, when I went for a shower, I had given my dogs responsibility to my brother in law to just keep an eye on them till I get free. My brother in law got up to have water and in no time, Casper and Junior ran out of the house, and, managed to enter all the other 5 bungalows, steal their breakfast, and, came back, almost smirking! I had come out of shower by then, and my brother in law briefed me as to what happened. A few moments later, I saw my neighbor coming towards us, and I was relatively sure that I was in for an argument to keep my dogs under control. I was so scared that I told my mom to face her and tell her sorry. But instead, she gave some food to Junior, and, told my mom that Casper was leading the way and alone ate all the food leaving nothing for Junior, so she came to feed Junior. Ha ha ha ha!

Let me share some events about Junior. Before that, let me brief you about the difference between Casper and Junior’s behavior. Casper’s recall command was very weak. Since he was my first dog, I didn’t have much knowledge about training dogs and followed whatever the trainer told me. So for Casper, if you get close to him, he would feel that it’s time to play catch and cook, and he would start running in the opposite direction. As for Junior, he is well trained but post Casper’s death, if any person or dog comes close to him, he feels they are approaching him to play.

When Junior was a puppy, his favorite place to hide was below the divan (a kind of an Indian sofa where you can spread your legs out and relax). On a regular day as I was running errands, I realized I hadn’t seen Junior around. I searched everywhere in the house and couldn’t find him. Panic struck, and, I started searching for him in my apartment tower, asked the watchman, went on the road, etc. but he was found nowhere. I came back home to call my ex-husband. Just then, I thought about looking below or near the divan; and that’s where I found Junior looking at me right in the eyes with that innocent look as if he never heard me calling out his name. I was overwrought for 30 minutes in looking him and calling out his name, but Junu acted so innocent. And as we all know, we get hypnotized by those puppy eyes and cannot stay angry with our fur babies. In true sense, this was a mini heart attack where I was terrified, eased and chuckled all at the same time.

One morning, when I was walking Junior, there was a stranger standing near a building waiting for the watchman to open the gate. When I looked at him, I noticed he looked a little nervous and was desperately waiting to enter safely in building because he was already scared of the stray dogs. He too noticed us walking towards his direction, but we were just taking our usual rounds. As we reached a little closer, out of nowhere Junior unpredictably ran towards that man. Since I wasn’t expecting this, the sudden tug made me let go of the leash and Junior started jumping on that already petrified man and that man started screaming “bachao-bachao” (help-help in Hindi) and started perspiring as if a lion was let loose. I wanted to laugh my lungs out that moment, but as soon as I could, I got hold of Junior’s leash and pulled him away from that man. I have never seen anyone run as fast as that man into the building in my life. I felt sorry for him, and, guilty for laughing, but this time someone else experienced a mini attack because of my dog.

Life is indeed full of moments, good or bad; that there are so many other big and small occurrences, like once Junior was left without a leash at the beach and he ran so far in the water that my friend just jumped in with his clothes and shoes to bring him back, or once Casper and Junior were locked out in balcony by my maid unintentionally because she thought they were in the room, and when I came home and couldn’t find them, etc. But all these moments make life worth living. There is no good without the bad and there is no bad without the good, like Yin and Yang. The best thing is, All’s well that ends well. Be precautious but don’t miss out on any moments due to stress or fear. Learn from the bad ones, and, cherish the good ones. We must slow down, and remember, how precious it is to be alive, to love, and, be loved.

Party in my mouth

Gram Flour Potato Gravy
Spinach Paratha
Vegan Cauliflower Sauce Noodle Pasta
Paneer Pakoras and Ginger Tea
Mumbai Special Bajiya Pav and Pav Vada
Bread Bhaji. Another Mumbai special dish to be had with Pav, but I choose bread this time.
Pesto Pasta, Hummus and Papad Chips
Vegetable Momos
Because every life matters. When I paint 🎨
He caught me clicking his picture 😁
I wake up to this face every morning 😍
He was not pleased with his ferminated hair 🙄

My Dog had Pancreatitis

Since the last few months, Junior was throwing up bile. There was no consistent pattern to it and he would randomly throw the same at any odd hour. After a series of tests, the Vet finally figured out that he had Pancreatitis.

When the Vet informed me that he has a doubt that Junior is suffering from Pancreatitis, the first thought that came into my mind was that Junior’s pancreas are damaged or not functioning properly and he has got diabetes and will be put on insulin. My heart sank and being a “google doctor” only worsened the anxiety!

Bile Vomit

What is Pancreatitis? How did Junior get it? What were his symptoms? Let me explain you everything here.

Pancreatitis happens when the pancreas get inflated. That’s an organ near the stomach that helps digest food, and, control blood sugar. Experts aren’t quite sure what causes pancreatitis but in Junior’s case, we assume it was a sudden change of food. Although, we too aren’t 100% sure as Junior had showed symptoms from a few months before and it escalated when I changed his food.

The first time Junior threw up bile was when I started his treatment for Staph disease; that was in April 2020. But that time, we assumed it was due to the acidity caused by the antibiotics. Ever since, every two weeks Junior would throw up bile. And each time we assumed something or the other like hot weather, eating too fast, heavy rains, heart problem, arthritis, etc. Junior’s vomits soon increased from once in two weeks to once every week.

We got his blood tests done in July to rule out any major illness as this was one of the symptoms that Casper had displayed when he was suffering from Liver Cirrhosis. You know how it feels when you have already lost one dog at an early age, all the bad memories come flashing back when your other dog is suffering too. I was beyond paranoid and anxious as Junior would not stop throwing up bile no matter whatever treatment the Vet gave him.

There was one day when I took him to the Vet for a checkup, and Junior barely made it home because he was heavily palpitating and his temperature was not coming under control. That day I literally thought I had lost him. Junior’s blood reports came back and they were all normal (by God’s grace). That day, the Vet suggested we do his heart checkup and referred me to a heart specialist for Animals. I got an appointment and got the checkup done. Fortunately, his heart too was absolutely fine. Now we were confused as to what could be the problem since all this reports were normal. Then we took the traditional route and did some lifestyle changes for Junior like change of walk time, change in his meal time, the portion of his meals, the duration of his walks, etc.

The day Junior had heavy palpitations and temperature

But despite all our efforts, Junior kept throwing up. I was sad and heartbroken seeing my child suffering from months and somewhere I was failing to get him cured. Then I was talking to a friend of mine who’s dog suffered from similar symptoms. She told me that it could be due to Bravecto. Bravecto is a chewy that kills ticks and prevents fleas’ infestation in dogs. I have given Junior Bravecto twice before and so did my friend. Her dog was vomiting and was put on saline and she doubted that we had fed our dogs with pesticide which is poison because if a chewy can kill ticks, then how harmful will it be to the dogs too as we feed them that. Somewhere, I too agree with her and will never be feeding Junior Bravecto again.

I went to the Vet again after Junior’s next episode of vomiting. Before I could ask him anything, he suggested I try changing Junior’s food brand and contents. I did so and he was fine for a week, but all hell broke loose the next when Junior threw up 9 times in 24 hours. That was the first time in his life that he had thrown up so much. Junior was given injections, put on saline as he had dehydrated, given medicines, but nothing worked.

When he threw up 9 times in 24 hours

That was the time the Vet said that he thinks Junior may be suffering from Pancreatitis. Let me tell you, there are several reasons why dogs vomit, so it is very difficult to find the cause, especially when all the reports are normal. And besides his reports being normal, Junior did not have any loose motions or was never lethargic. So in his case, we took months to know what Junior was actually suffering from.

In September 2020 we did his ultrasound and it confirmed inflammation of Pancreas i.e. Pancreatitis. I was advised to immediately withdraw food and water from Junior for 48 hours. The first 24 hours was zero food and water, and the next 24 hours he was given ice cubes and little vanilla ice cream. Junior started responding and stopped vomiting. After 48 hours, the vet started a Pancreatitis medication course and put him on a Veterinary diet food. He also warned me that since we are starting food again, Junior may vomit once or twice, so not to panic. Since I was already in panic mode, the vet assured me that Junior was not critical, and if I followed the instructions well, he will make a slow but full recovery.

Feeding him Vanilla Ice Cream
During treatment

I followed all the instructions of the Vet to the dot and Junior kept improving every day. Today, Junior is off all medications, has not thrown up in more than a month and his daily routine is back to usual. The only thing that continues is the special diet which I have to give him for 3 months before we start his regular food. The vet informed me that Pancreatitis is not an illness but a lifestyle condition which can be managed with proper care and knowledge. I am glad that Junior is on the path of recovery before it was too late and as we doubt, I will never suddenly change his food and always follow the vet’s guidance.

Junior’s symptoms were:

  • Bile Vomit
  • Palpitations


  • X Ray
  • Blood Work
  • Ultrasound


  • Withhold Food and Water for 24-48 hours
  • Pancreatitis Medicines
  • Low Fat Gastrointestinal Food

All of the above may vary from dog to dog and case to case. Pancreatitis doesn’t mean your dog has diabetes. Please do not use any home remedies and it is always advisable to consult a Vet at the earliest.

He is back to his naughty self again and we are happy

Foodie Goodie

Loaded Nachos with Kidney Beans, Sour Cream and Cheese Sauce. Everything made by me 😊
Creamy Mushroom Risotto
Cheese Dosa, Sambhar, Masala Aloo and Coconut Chutney
Heart Shaped Mushroom Pizza. Again, everything made by me including the pizza base.
Paneer Bhurji. Can be had with Bread, Roti, Paratha and even Rice. I put it in a Sandwich.
Open Paneer Bhurji Sandwich
My Sandwich is ready
A dream to have a cabin in the woods where it even snows. When I paint 🎨
Like Mumma, Like Son ❤️
He is disappointed seeing his fermanted hair 🤷🏻‍♀️
Deep Sleep 😍

The Law of Attraction and Dogs

What is the Law of Attraction? In layman language, it means you attract into your life what you focus on. But is it really that simple? Honestly speaking it’s a matter of perception and there is no definitive Yes, and No to it.  

LOA potentially works in two ways. One possible way is being focused on your goals while maintaining a positive outlook. And the other possible way is to vibrate higher to attract what you want as the belief is that everything is vibrations. With time, what I have realized is neither of this works for me.

As long as you are just not sitting on the couch and sending the message to the Universe of what you want and expecting your wish to be fulfilled, but infact working towards your goals, you will achieve everything you want. But this is possible only if you hold a positive outlook and not limit yourself and your beliefs.

I have had a good fortune to be blessed with my fur babies Casper and Junior, and many stray dogs. My dogs helped me survive a near suicide, depression and many long lonely nights. They taught me about consistency, patience, and, about protection. Dogs are a part of my life, and a part of my journey too. I know that I desired dogs, and was indeed richly blessed. But did I attract these dogs? I found dogs easier to love compared to people as they are a great deal harder. But do dogs bow to our LOA? Or is all this just a huge coincidence?

We humans use the LOA for a lot of things like attracting a life partner, better job, more money, good health, etc. But what about dogs? From a spiritual perspective, animals have souls (albeit different ones than humans have), and we draw them into our lives for various purposes such as companionship, lessons to be learnt about how others are treated, or as a part of our self-imposed karma. Therefore, I won’t be wrong to say that it’s most likely that we have attracted dogs into our lives because we feel less vulnerable around them, and we crave the unconditional love that they offer.

I am a firm believer in “Everything happens for a reason and the reason is always good”. I got hooked up to the Law of Attraction not long ago. And the more I learnt about it, the more I realized how unintentionally I attracted my dogs into my life. When I accidently got Casper into my life, I would always wonder the reason why. Then Junior too came into my life accidently. And one day, all of a sudden I lost Casper. That was the day I realized why my dogs were sent to me. It was because I was going to face a large portion of my life battling my inner and outside demons alone and I needed someone who would be my reason to live and keep fighting. And there could be no one other than the most loyal ones – dogs!

Right before Casper was about to go, I had encountered a lot of stray dogs dying whom I was taking care of. Not just that, even on social media I would come across posts about dogs passing away. Somewhere, I got this gut feeling to prepare myself for the worse. The Universe was giving me hints, and deep within in my gut, I knew Casper would lose the battle. It is always difficult to convince the heart what the mind knows. And soon, my Caspu was gone. I never attracted his demise, but infact I was warned by the LOA to be prepared.

I have often read and heard, that pets or dogs can sense our feelings. If you are sad, they sense it, if you are happy, they sense it. After Casper passed away, I was suggested by the Vet to donate everything of Casper like toys, clothes, bed, bowls, etc. and deep clean the whole house before I would bring Junior home from boarding lodging. I did everything as advised, but as soon as I bought Junior home, he kept running helter shelter in search of Casper and every passing day, he waited for him. Not just that, when I would take him for a walk and he would see anyone else walking a Fawn Labrador, Junior would pull me towards him thinking it is Casper. Unfortunately, I fell into depression and Junior sensed it and fell into depression along with me. I attracted that into my life. But as dogs are great in lifting our spirits up, in no time I bounced back and my positive attitude also helped in getting Junior back to his mischievous self.

Ever since, I read more and more about The Law of Attraction and everything started making sense. It is basically, how you feel is what you attract. If you feel miserable all the time, you attract more of it. If you feel unloved and insecure, you attract more people who will treat you that way. If you feel happy and positive, you will definitely get more of that.

Dogs often choose a favourite person who matches their own energy level and personality. In addition, some dogs are more likely to bond with a single person, making it more likely that their favourite person will be their only person. All of us have heard stories of dogs finding their way back home over hundreds of miles. Many have wondered about such admiring abilities. We know that everything in this universe moves and lives by the law of attraction. Is it their instincts or actually the LOA? I believe, the answer would be, Yes, they too use the LOA unintentionally, because their perception makes their reality just like it does for all of us. That’s why, it is called the Universal Law because it applies Universally.

Nevertheless, holding a positive attitude (which I still struggle with), determination and consistency will help you attract all your desires. Just like dogs, who do not understand any fear or negativity, but a happy spirit makes them the most loved creatures on this Earth. Be happy, and keep your pets happy and healthy too to have a positive atmosphere at home and attract miracles.


Super healthy Beetroot Soup
Quick and easy Papad Sabzi
Mumbai special Bhel
Chai and Pakoras (potato and onion)
Gujarati Cuisine Thepla, Aloo Sabzi, Pickle, Curd and Chilli.
3 people, 3 Coffee preferences 🙈
Calm Peaceful Night 🌃
How he sleeps 🤷🏻‍♀️
Mumma’s Boy ❤️
I think I need to fix him again 😃

My Stray Dogs

When I call myself a mother to Casper and Junior, I also call myself a mother to my stray dogs. It has been almost 8 years that I have been feeding, medicating, vaccinating, etc. the stray dogs in my neighborhood. My heart fills with joy every time I see them running towards me each time I get out of the house. However, today, I am going to share some experiences which have left deep marks on my life and soul.

Let me start with my best and oldest stray pooch Caddy. I don’t remember when and from where he started taking shelter in my building, but I do remember, he was just a small cute puppy when I first saw him. I was scared of dogs that time, but my Mom encouraged me to feed him. So I started pouring milk in his bowl and running away in the fear that he might bite me. After I got Casper, and eventually when I stopped getting scared of dogs, I got closer to Caddy. He lived in my building where we had made a little shelter for him to sleep and had his dedicated bowls for food and water. He lived for 16 years, and one day he disappeared. I knew he wouldn’t make it for long as he had started falling ill, barely walked and ate. I searched for him for weeks, asked around, asked the municipality if they had picked a dog, everything, but I never found him. I know stray dogs never die in front of us. And one day, I accepted the fact that he was gone.

There was another puppy which I was feeding in my vicinity. Actually they were a litter of 5 puppies. I got the mother neutered after she stopped milking her babies. But sadly 2 puppies died in an accident. I tried a lot to get the remaining 3 puppies adopted. One day, 2 of them got adopted and the third one was left alone, so I took him with me. Unfortunately, both the puppies were returned the next day. So the puppy that I had, I returned him to his siblings and mother. Soon, one of the puppies developed high fever and started crying in the night. I thought she had tick fever and took her to the vet and started her treatment. When her blood reports came, she didn’t have tick fever, but the puppy had started trembling by then. That’s when the vet realized that she had distemper. That horrible day I can never forget when I carried that puppy in my arms and drove from north to south Mumbai, 3 hospitals, 8 hours of agony as no hospital had an isolation ward for distemper. Finally, one of the worst hospital agreed to treat her and I had to get her admitted against my will as she was critical and no clinic too would treat her. She passed away after 4 days of being admitted. It doesn’t end here, as distemper is contagious and the other puppy, her brother too had contracted it and he too passed away after some days. The remaining one puppy, was saved as he was vaccinated by the adopter before dropping him back.

There was an under construction building which was home to a lot of dogs. Some big, some puppies, some old. I was feeding nearly 25 dogs there. A dog had just given birth to cute puppies. They were so adorable that I would leave early from home just to play with them before I hit the office. One morning, as usual I told the watchman to whistle so that all the dogs would gather at the feeding spot and I could feed them and play with them, but 2 puppies didn’t come. I told the watchman to go look for them and after 2 minutes he came running to me telling me fanatically that they were not waking up. I went there and tried to shake them and realized, they had passed away in their sleep hugging each other due to the cold weather. They were just 1.5 months old and my heart was shattered into pieces seeing their position. I still cry thinking about it.

Another one was, I had shifted to a new apartment. And as usual, I got down to look for dogs to feed them. I found 10 dogs. 4 older dogs and 6 puppies. Soon they became friendly with me and Junior. The routine started as always. Junior and me would get down for walk, feed them and play with them. All these dogs would walk with us and protect us and never let anyone near us. Living in Mumbai, we have very heavy rains and I always fear about the puppies as big dogs find shelter somewhere or the other, but puppies stay where they have been staying. And one night, my worst fear became a reality. We received the first heavy rainfall of the season. I immediately took my umbrella and torch to see the puppies and transfer them to a safer place as they were living in a gutter. I searched but couldn’t find them. Neither did I find the big dogs. I thought that they must have followed the mother dog to a safer place. Next morning when the rains had stopped, I got down and the watchman told me that the municipality truck had picked up the bodies of all the six puppies and 2 big dogs. They all drowned in the gutter. In one night, I had lost 8 dogs due to rains.

And my last so far painful experience is, the two dogs that were left behind or let’s say, that were saved from the rains were living well and healthy. 4 years had passed since the last incident. I continued looking after these two dogs. One of the dog had a maggot wound and I had recently treated her. She had completely recovered and was doing fine. The other dog is a senior dog, around 12-13 years old and this dog was 5 years old. One morning when I got down for Junior’s walk, I noticed she didn’t eat her food and was trying grasp for air. I did a little physical examination and didn’t see any wound or bite mark or maggot wound. I assumed she must be just acting out weird because of the weather or something not so critical. After a few hours, I got a call from one of the building guys telling me that she has puss coming out of her eyes and cannot breathe. I immediately ran down, looked at her and she tried reaching out to me, but couldn’t. She was lying down below a car breathless. I started calling various NGOs and Animal Helplines but not one single person was ready to come to check on her or send her an ambulance because it was a Sunday. I couldn’t take her myself as she was snapping. During my phone calls, she came out from below the car and threw up green bile, ran inside the gutter and let out a loud cry. That was the last I heard from her. She passed away within minutes. Till date I don’t know what had happened to her.

Some incidents, good or bad, always leave an impression on my heart and I can never forget them. Sometimes I wish I could bring all the stray dogs home. What a sorry state they live in. Such beautiful creatures, yet we humans treat them so poorly. All they give is unconditional love and loyalty. I have vowed that after Junior if I ever think of getting a pet, it will be a stray dog. I have realized that whether you have a stray dog as a pet or a pedigree dog, doesn’t matter. All dogs fill your heart with lots of happiness and love. I will also continue to look after all the strays I can; I know I have limitations and there are times my best is not enough. But I will continue doing what I can and save as many lives as possible. There is a saying which goes “How do you change the world? One random act of kindness at a time”. I urge all of you to be kind and compassionate. It could be something as small as leaving a bowl of water in your building for stray pets or getting as involved as you can. Step by step, we can all make this world a better place for all living creatures!


Cheese Paneer Bhurji
Masala Pav
Makai Bhajiya (Sweetcorn Pakoras)
Tandoori Paneer Pizza. My all time favourite ☺️
Pesto Mushroom Pastas
Sister made it, brother decorated it and I ate it 😀 Donut
A starry night, warming in each other’s arms. Bliss! I made this in Oil Pastels.
He invaded my selfie 😂
My Model
His eyes are on the treat 😊
Just showing off his bandana 😜

11 Things My Dogs Have Taught Me

I had never thought my life would change so much after getting my dogs. Being a proud mom to two beautiful fur babies, I can bet that dogs are the best creatures that God has made. They have taught me a lot of things, but the most important of it was, being a decent human being. Here’s what I have learnt from my best friend, my companion, my babies, my dogs:

1. Loyalty:

My dogs don’t care if I am rich, poor, ugly, pretty, living in a big house or small. They always come running to me to shower me with kisses when I come home. After my separation from my ex-husband, I was forced to give my dogs for adoption. But they had taught me how to be loyal under any circumstances. So I fought for them, went against the world and never gave them up. They taught me that it is very easy to be loyal. The bond so strong and pure, that it is impossible to keep us apart.

2. Live in the moment:

Do dogs ever think what tomorrow will bring for them or what happened yesterday? No! They just live in the moment. Even if they have been having the same routine for years, they get happy at every walk or every meal that is served. We torture ourselves so much by thinking about the past or future, that we forget to live in the present. But my dogs have actually taught me to LIVE NOW, to be happy with what you have now. Hope for a good future, but never expect.

3. It doesn’t take much to make someone smile:

Even if my dog is sleeping, I will just end up smiling by realizing the simple fact that he exists. But honestly, my dogs make me smile and laugh instantly by just doing anything. I had read an article about a person who had left a suicide note before he took his life. The note said, “even if one person smiles at me today, I will not commit suicide.” I don’t know how far this is true, but one smile can definitely make a difference in someone’s life. So smile often.

4. Some of the best times are spent at home:

I am a very different person now than what I was during my young days. Those times, I would stay out all day long, meet friends, go bowling, play snooker, etc. But now, I love spending time at home with my dogs, in the peace and comfort of my space. Trust me, these are the best moments and I wouldn’t compromise this for any parties or outings. This has made me more of a peaceful person who believes in spending quality time with the ones you love.

5. Family keeps you going on the worst day:

This has been the most important realization by far. I have faced some bad days in my life where once I tried to commit suicide. But my dogs saved me. They have been my reason to live. And not just live, but to thrive. Had it not been for my dogs, parents and brother, I would have either been into depression or probably be dead. Always keep your family close. You will be replaced in a job or replaced by your lover, but never replaced in family. And your dogs will always be waiting for you their whole life. I am sure, everyone has heard or read about Hachiko. So, always keep going for your dogs, for your family.

6. Being fearless:

This doesn’t mean I never get scared. Yes, I do fear. But when it’s time, I throw my fear in the bin and face things with a brave face. I will give you an example. Once I was walking Casper and Junior and this auto rickshaw drive purposely banged into Junior (not hard) and started driving. I let out a loud abuse to him. He stopped his rickshaw, got out, picked a stone and started running towards me to hit me and my dogs. That was time when I said, “come what may, I will protect my dogs from this filthy man.” But before I could react, Casper pounced on that man, scared him and shooed him off. Because Caspu too thought the same, that anyhow he had to protect his Mumma. Fearlessly fight for the ones you love and who loves you.

7. Being happy and content in what and how much I have:

When I see Casper and Junior, I feel like the richest woman in this world. All I want is their good health, long life and their safety. They are my life’s most precious treasure. When Casper passed away, my world had come crashing down. But I had to live and come out of my depression for Junior. I didn’t bounce back for a luxury car or more money or a new boyfriend. I became me again for what was left, and that was Junior. I am more than happy to live in bare minimum, as far as I have Junior with me.

8. Make life simple:

People are strange. So much potential, yet here they are, doing everything that complicates their lives rather than simplifying it. My dogs taught me that if you cannot get something, pee on it, throw some mud and get moving. Just keep it that simple. If there is something you cannot change, why bother. And if there is something that you can change, change it and stop worrying.

9. Never grow old:

Your body may grow old, but always stay young at heart. Junior is aging, but I always tell everyone that he is still like a 2-year-old baby, and I just want to be like him. My dogs have kept me physically active also, but I still play hide-n-seek with my dogs, throw the ball, running around. All this keeps me still young at heart and happy. Just like Junior, who is 8+ years old, but still enjoys playing and belly rubs and ice creams, I too will enjoy all the little things even when I turn old.

10. Always keep a little Wolf in you:

Always keep that 20% wolf in you. If you ever give it up, you’re done. The beauty of a great dog doesn’t lie in its obedience but in its loyalty. Loyalty is a choice. Dogs choose to be dogs and not wolves. That’s what makes them so special. Same way, keep a little wolf within you. You never know, when you have to bring it out.

11. It is very easy to love one person your entire life:

In today’s world, where divorce and breaking up has become a trend, my dogs have taught me that one person is enough to love in a million ways. Every time I look at my dogs, I fall in love with them all over again. They have taught me different ways of loving one person. They have taught to me to love without limits, unconditional love, pure love.

If there is anything that my dogs have not taught me, it is to live without them. I still grieve Casper’s death. That void has never been filled and never will be. But he taught me valuable lessons in my life. Most of all, he saved my life. And for Junior, he still fills my life with a lot of joy, happiness and love. This Accidental Dog Mom is so grateful to God for accidentally bringing her dogs into her life and making her a good human being.