Casper – Gone Too Soon.

You came into my life all of a sudden, I was petrified and you clicked all of my buttons.

But then I fell head over heels for you, this motherly feeling was just so new.

You were such a cute puppy, everytime when I would look at you, I would feel lucky.

You destroyed the furniture and tore my shoes, Inspite of me bringing you a lot of chews.

We went on holidays and had a lot of fun, I felt like a big lottery I had won.

You were growing to be a handsome big boy, each time when someone would compliment you, my heart would be filled with joy.

Then one day you fell ill. Everyone told me, it is the weather; just chill.

But my heart knew that you were not fine, and your health deteriorated with time.

I ran helter skelter to get you cured, I knew within my heart all the pain you had endured.

Within 10 days of diagnosis, you left me alone. It felt like I had a crack in every piece of my bone.

Seeing you take your last breath on my lap, I felt like a failed mother and drowned in your memories like a recap.

I was numb and searched for all possibilities to bring you back even though you were gone. I kept blaming myself and surfed the internet like a maniac from dusk to dawn.

I was not ready to accept that you had passed. My soul was screaming loud and any moment it would blast.

But you were gone, and I had to live without you for the rest of my life, each day was passing as if my heart was being cut with a knife.

But I survived holding your memories tight within me, as I had to live for Junior since he is your reflection and baby.

Today marks 5 years since you left. Ever since Junior has been my crest.

We play, we laugh, we live, and we love. So that you don’t feel sad from above.

But my child, the void you have left. This mother hurts every single day and cannot forget.

You were gone too soon, leaving me with a permanent wound.

I wish I could bring you back, and you could lay your head on my lap once again and have a snack.

I wish Junior could still play tug – of – war with you, and bring back those golden days like brand new.

But all I can do is try being happy, for Junior to be healthy and bubbly.

One day we will meet again. When the skies will be heavy, and it will rain.

I will know, when it is time to unite. Till then, run free, play with your friends, and come in my dreams in the night.

Mumma and Junior loves and misses you. All I want to say, you are my Angel and taught me how to live. Thank you!