Fun, Romantic, Silly – Date Ideas During Pandemic!

If the world was easier, would you still want to be with your person? This pandemic has not just affected the businesses and overall health of people, but has led to a lot of breakups too (including mine). But there are some who continued loving their partners no matter what. And there are some who even realized the value of their partners after staying apart due to lockdowns.

Regardless the reason, being in love and being loved is the best feeling in world. Now that the lockdowns have eased, but the fear of Coronavirus is still there, people are reluctant to step out just yet.

So here I am, sharing some fun indoor date ideas to rekindle the mystique once again:

  • Breakfast in bed:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it can be the most romantic too! I can bet over this as I have had firsthand experience. Impress your partner with an unexpected breakfast in bed. Whether you are serving just some hot tea/coffee with toast or cereals or have cooked an exotic breakfast spread, either way, your partner will relish the unexpected room service! The element of surprise is always fun, so attempt to wake up before your partner making the least noise as possible unless you are using appliances like the blender. If your partner wakes up, tell him/her to go back to sleep as you have a surprise. There is bound to be an immediate adrenaline rush hearing that and it will only add up to the excitement. You eat with your eyes first, so make the breakfast presentation in bed extra appetizing. Breakfast dates have been so undervalued but seeing those happy eyes first thing in the morning in your comfort zone is the best feeling.

  • Challenge in the kitchen:

Challenge your partner to a cook-off with random pantry ingredients. Oh my, this is going to turn out to be a laughter riot with romance. Pick a day, and, ask your partner to cook a dish from the ingredients available in the kitchen while you cook another one. Do not let each other know what you’ll are cooking and then…BOOM! You have 2 dishes with a lot of laughs and sweet fights for the same appliance or ingredients; some mess, and, a lot of kinky touching each other.

  • Spa at home:

Relax your partner with an at-home spa day. A scented candle, face packs, essential oils, steamy music, and, you are on cloud 9. This will even open doors for communication. Communicate openly, and, be open for communication. This is an unprecedented time in our lifetimes and it will create a series of emotions. Being able to talk about emotions and needs is the key to getting through these though times, and, it can happen smoothly when you are relaxed.

  • Dress up and role play:

This can be as romantic as possible to get it on. Wear your best lingerie or a party dress or tuxedo or just boxers. This itself will get you started. Have some drinks, and, role play to totally spice up your night. Let all your imaginations and fantasies come to life!

  • Workout together:

Whether it is yoga or weight lifting or just normal exercises, plan a day to do it together.                Choose exercises that couples can do with little kisses here and there. Couples that workout together, stay together. Hold hands, help each other in counts, reward your partner if he/she completes a fixed number of squats or pushups, etc. This surely turns out to be a hot and steamy workout session 😉

  • Test your singing skills:

A karaoke night singing your lungs out, wrong lyrics, bad voice and lots of fun. You do not have to be a fantastic singer, all you have to do is build the atmosphere and sing duets with your partner. Dance a little while singing, sing solo, have a great selection of songs, dim the lights, make videos of it and upload for fun, try a song of the opposite sex, etc. All in all, a creative and unique date night.

There are many other indoor date ideas like playing board games, floor picnic, dinner date, etc. But the above ones are sure shot to bring in a lot of laughter and reawaken the romance. Always remember, romance is not about the quantity of time you spend with each other, it is about the quality. But never suffocate each other by being around at all times. Give each other space, and, have your own life too.

As for me, I have never got bored living alone, and, I continue to have my own life even after being in a relationship. I have Junior and 50% of my day revolves around him. The other 50%, I work, paint, cook, read and exercise. At the moment, I am content with life and happy how it is going. In the near future, when I have a partner, I am surely going to try all the above date ideas. But I will modify them a little to involve Junior in it. One important tip, if you have dog, do leave him alone in a room or some place in the house for 2-3 hours. Because once we all start with our routine after the Novel Corona Virus, dogs will get separation anxiety if we leave the house. And for sure, you get those 2-3 hours to continue with your romantic date ideas as well!