A small week before a big week 😬

The featured image is of Mushroom Masala.

Enjoyed super quick and delicious Paneer Makhani Pizza made at home on a Tawa 🤤
This is how one of the days my lunch plate looked like. Mushroom Masala, homemade Pickle (made by my Mom), Malabari Paratha and Chocolate Mousse.
Methi Onion Paratha…So healthy and tasty. Had it with curd.
Tomato and Cottage Cheese Burger. One was enough. It was so filling.
Noodles in White Sauce and the veggies include Cauliflower and Chickpeas. The most tastiest dish I made this week.
We went to the Vet and Junior met his Mamu (Mumma’s brother) after 4 months and he just couldn’t stop admiring him 😍
He was so excited after meeting Mamu, that by the time we came home, he had drained all his energy and I had to cool him down.
Checkout his excitement 😆
Shamelessly gave him a shameless Vanilla Ice Cream 😜
Relishing his Ice Cream 😘
When I paint 😊
Walk in the rain under one umbrella ❤️


Whatta a Week 😜

Let me take you through my activities in the past week, obviously, apart from the boring routine 😁

Made a mug cake using Wheat Flour, Sugar, Oil and Baking Soda. Heated it for 2 minutes and Boom! It was ready. Decorated it with Chocolate Ice Cream and some M&Ms. Super quick, easy and tasty.
When it is raining outside and you are cosy in your house, this meal is heaven.
When I paint 😊
He missed every throw 😆
See where the treat is, and where he aims 🤣
Isn’t he cute!

Happy lil’ week 😊

What I cooked last week.

Stuffed Paratha with Paneer and Cheese. And cooked garlic butter. Super delicious and filling.
Chole. Chickpeas in onion tomato gravy and wholesome spices. Protein filled dish to be had with puri or bhatura.
They always wait for us, don’t they? I painted this on Casper’s birthday (17th June). Waiting for me from the other side.
My cuddle partner ❤️
We are made and mad for eachother 💕

I’m Im’Paw’sable :)

A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself. We have all read and heard this before. But have you thought what he must be thinking throughout the day? Now that I am spending 24 hours with him because of the lockdown, I got pretty curious and tried to interpret his thoughts in my way. You always know what a dog is thinking. It has four moods. Happy, sad, cross, and concentrating.

4.30am: (Alarm rings) Mumma wake up. It’s time to feed me.

4.31am: (Mumma still trying to open her eyes) You are already a minute late. Wake up and give me food.

4.35am: Ok Mumma, you have 30 seconds to freshen up and then take me for a walk.

4.45am: (On walk)

  • Oh! These car tyres look interesting. I should smell all of them and pee on one of them.
  • The stray dogs are fighting. I should participate and show them who the king is.
  • This human is walking close to us; I think he wants to play with me. I should jump on him and let him know that I too am interested in playing. (Ignores Mom and her instructions throughout the walk)
  • Every day I feel Mumma has changed my name to “stop that” or “what’s in your mouth”.

5.15am: (Back home) That was a good walk. I am tired and should sleep now. I have a long day to go to help Mumma in her routine. She cannot do anything without me. (Starts snoring in 10 seconds)

9.00am: My bowl won’t fill itself Mumma. Pour in my breakfast. (Finishes his food in 0.5 seconds and sits in the kitchen staring at Mom)

  • Do you think an active handsome good boy like me is appeased in the crumbs that you feed me?
  • (Mom gives a Carrot and sits to have her Tea. Junior finishes the Carrot in 0.3 seconds and sits in front of Mumma). Feed me that biscuit you are having. I hope you know that sharing is caring.

9.30am to 5.00pm: Mumma is leaving the room where I am in. I think I should follow her. She might need some help.

  • Mumma got up again. Maybe we are going on some adventure.
  • Someone is at the door. I should run first before Mumma opens the door and protect her.
  • Mumma is using the toilet. I should join her. She doesn’t like being alone.
  • The room is cold. Mumma must be shivering. I should sleep on her and leave 3/4th bed empty.
  • Mumma is watching TV. I should aimlessly stare at her. Maybe she will feel pity on me and give me a snack.
  • Something smells good. I should sit right next to Mumma while she eats her lunch and drool so that when she accidently drops something, it directly falls into my mouth.
  • Why is Mumma hugging me every 30 minutes? I am not a baby. I am a grown up boy. I feel embarrassed. (Comes and sleeps on Mumma’s lap whenever she is sitting on the couch)
  • I just drank all the water in the bowl a minute ago. When I came back, it was full again. Is the bowl haunted?

5.00pm: Yay! It’s time for my third official meal of the day. I am so excited.

5.30pm: (Brings toy) C’mon lazy bones. Move your ass and play tug-of-war with me. Let me show you who rules this house. (Plays tirelessly for 20 minutes)

6.00pm: (Mumma is doing Yoga) She needs assistance. I should be as close to her as I can. What if she falls while doing her exercise? (30 minutes exercise turns into 45 minutes, extra 15 minutes to move Junior from the mat)

7.00pm: Thank God the maids are not allowed in this lockdown. Or else Mumma would never learn to do her own work. (Mumma is sweeping and brooming). Wow! Mumma just cleaned this spot. I should walk over it and see how it feels. (Dirties the place again)

7.30pm: Oh no! My last meal of the day. Doesn’t Mumma understand? Four meals are not enough for me. She keeps telling me I will become fat if I eat more. But look at me. I am dying of hunger. These humans have no feelings at all. But I will continue giving her puppy eyes till she ply’s in and gives me 10 meals a day. After all, where there is a will, there is a way.

8.00pm: (Mumma is cooking dinner) I should sit in the kitchen even though it is hot there. My Mumma needs supervision or else she will cook everything and will not have pity on me to feed me some potatoes or cheese.

8.30pm: Look at this selfish human. Having dinner alone without even offering me anything! I need a lawyer. Or can someone come forward and adopt her?

9.00pm: I am done for the day. I am super tired after assisting Mumma all day long. She is sitting with her laptop/art book to work/paint. I should sleep right behind her chair, just incase she needs my help again. (Sleeps with all four legs sticking out in the air and snoring loud)

10.00pm: Mumma is on a video call with her family. I should be a party to it and let everyone know that she is mine.

11.00pm: Mumma has finished all her work and calling me in the bedroom to sleep. I will give a deaf ear till she personally comes out, picks me up and takes me in the room. I work hard. I deserve this pampering and attention. In return, she will get some wet kisses from me.

It was a beautiful day. Mumma and Baby sleeping soundlessly! All’s Well That Ends Well! After all, it’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matters.