The Law of Attraction and Dogs

What is the Law of Attraction? In layman language, it means you attract into your life what you focus on. But is it really that simple? Honestly speaking it’s a matter of perception and there is no definitive Yes, and No to it.  

LOA potentially works in two ways. One possible way is being focused on your goals while maintaining a positive outlook. And the other possible way is to vibrate higher to attract what you want as the belief is that everything is vibrations. With time, what I have realized is neither of this works for me.

As long as you are just not sitting on the couch and sending the message to the Universe of what you want and expecting your wish to be fulfilled, but infact working towards your goals, you will achieve everything you want. But this is possible only if you hold a positive outlook and not limit yourself and your beliefs.

I have had a good fortune to be blessed with my fur babies Casper and Junior, and many stray dogs. My dogs helped me survive a near suicide, depression and many long lonely nights. They taught me about consistency, patience, and, about protection. Dogs are a part of my life, and a part of my journey too. I know that I desired dogs, and was indeed richly blessed. But did I attract these dogs? I found dogs easier to love compared to people as they are a great deal harder. But do dogs bow to our LOA? Or is all this just a huge coincidence?

We humans use the LOA for a lot of things like attracting a life partner, better job, more money, good health, etc. But what about dogs? From a spiritual perspective, animals have souls (albeit different ones than humans have), and we draw them into our lives for various purposes such as companionship, lessons to be learnt about how others are treated, or as a part of our self-imposed karma. Therefore, I won’t be wrong to say that it’s most likely that we have attracted dogs into our lives because we feel less vulnerable around them, and we crave the unconditional love that they offer.

I am a firm believer in “Everything happens for a reason and the reason is always good”. I got hooked up to the Law of Attraction not long ago. And the more I learnt about it, the more I realized how unintentionally I attracted my dogs into my life. When I accidently got Casper into my life, I would always wonder the reason why. Then Junior too came into my life accidently. And one day, all of a sudden I lost Casper. That was the day I realized why my dogs were sent to me. It was because I was going to face a large portion of my life battling my inner and outside demons alone and I needed someone who would be my reason to live and keep fighting. And there could be no one other than the most loyal ones – dogs!

Right before Casper was about to go, I had encountered a lot of stray dogs dying whom I was taking care of. Not just that, even on social media I would come across posts about dogs passing away. Somewhere, I got this gut feeling to prepare myself for the worse. The Universe was giving me hints, and deep within in my gut, I knew Casper would lose the battle. It is always difficult to convince the heart what the mind knows. And soon, my Caspu was gone. I never attracted his demise, but infact I was warned by the LOA to be prepared.

I have often read and heard, that pets or dogs can sense our feelings. If you are sad, they sense it, if you are happy, they sense it. After Casper passed away, I was suggested by the Vet to donate everything of Casper like toys, clothes, bed, bowls, etc. and deep clean the whole house before I would bring Junior home from boarding lodging. I did everything as advised, but as soon as I bought Junior home, he kept running helter shelter in search of Casper and every passing day, he waited for him. Not just that, when I would take him for a walk and he would see anyone else walking a Fawn Labrador, Junior would pull me towards him thinking it is Casper. Unfortunately, I fell into depression and Junior sensed it and fell into depression along with me. I attracted that into my life. But as dogs are great in lifting our spirits up, in no time I bounced back and my positive attitude also helped in getting Junior back to his mischievous self.

Ever since, I read more and more about The Law of Attraction and everything started making sense. It is basically, how you feel is what you attract. If you feel miserable all the time, you attract more of it. If you feel unloved and insecure, you attract more people who will treat you that way. If you feel happy and positive, you will definitely get more of that.

Dogs often choose a favourite person who matches their own energy level and personality. In addition, some dogs are more likely to bond with a single person, making it more likely that their favourite person will be their only person. All of us have heard stories of dogs finding their way back home over hundreds of miles. Many have wondered about such admiring abilities. We know that everything in this universe moves and lives by the law of attraction. Is it their instincts or actually the LOA? I believe, the answer would be, Yes, they too use the LOA unintentionally, because their perception makes their reality just like it does for all of us. That’s why, it is called the Universal Law because it applies Universally.

Nevertheless, holding a positive attitude (which I still struggle with), determination and consistency will help you attract all your desires. Just like dogs, who do not understand any fear or negativity, but a happy spirit makes them the most loved creatures on this Earth. Be happy, and keep your pets happy and healthy too to have a positive atmosphere at home and attract miracles.