Home is, where food, Junior and painting is.

Cottage Cheese, Onions and Potato Pakoras with Ginger Tea.
Tried making Khao Souy at home. Turned out to be reasonably good.
Kadai Paneer. I hate Bell Peppers, so I didn’t have much. But my brother loved it.
Made Red Velvet and Cream Jar Cake. Super easy and quick.
Chole, Puri and Cucumber Salad
A dream, which will come true one day. When I paint 🎨
Never take those for granted when they care, for when they are gone, you will realise no one was ever down for you like they were, and it will be too late. Make this in soft pastels.
I smell dandruff 🤣
She annoys me, but I love her ❤️

Cooking Shooking

Had a very fun week cooking various dishes and eating in a restaurant for the first time in 10 months post lockdown.

The ingredients are ready. Hummus, Sour Cream, Falafel Pattie, Lettuce, Onions and Tortila Roti.
Have you seen the new trend? Here it is. Assembled.
The Falafel Wrap is ready 😊
Chaat special. Samosa Chole Chaat.
Fresh out of the oven. Cheese Garlic bread baked by me.
Spinach Mushroom Gravy
Flat Noodle in Pesto Spinach Sauce
My ultimate favourite dessert – Cheese Cake (Restaurant)
Paneer Teriyaki (Restaurant)
Cheese Onion Fondue with Bread (Restaurant)
Surrender ❤️ …….. Pencil Sketching ✏️
He was snoring right in my ear 😂👂

Foodie Week

This week I cooked a few items even though I wasn’t well. Fortunately, they all turned out to be delicious.

Open Aloo Pattie Sandwich. The patties are shallow fried and loaded with vegetables.
A Sub Sandwich again loaded with vegetables.
Gujarat Special Oondhiyu. This sabzi is made only in winters as the vegetables to be cooked are available only in cold season.
My lunch which had Bhindi Sabzi, Dhoklas, Chutney, Moong Salad and Rotis.
Sunday lunch is Onion Garlic Noodles with Tea.
And the best dish of the week is this giant filling Burger.
Calm peaceful night 🌃 When I paint 🎨
My tail. He sleeps only where I sleep 🤣
Or sleeps on me 😉
The best feeling.

Cook, Paint and Sleep

Pesto Mushroom Flat Noodles
Healthy wholesome lunch
Peas Idli, Sambhar and Chutney. A light South Indian cuisine lunch
This is how my Paratha balloons without yeast or food soda.
Cheese Potato Paratha with Chilli Mayo and Masala Tea
Fly, even in the chaos. When I paint 🎨
Does anyone want to take a bath here? 😜😋
This is indeed my favourite sleeping position of Junior. Because this shows he is sleeping stress-free and relaxed.
He occupies the whole bed 🤷🏻‍♀️
The view from my bathroom 😅
Just before leaving for work


Palak Paneer with a twist. The twist is, instead of cream I added Gram Flour and Skimmed Milk.
Made 2 different doughs. One with Beetroot and other one is normal wheat flour with onions, garlic, green chillies, salt, cilantro and white sesame.
Rolled seperately and combined.
Cooked it on Tawa with clarified butter.
Aloo Pattie with green chutney
Wheat and Corn Flour Pakoras to be put into Kadhi.
Pakora and Lasun Kadhi
Pakora Kadhi with Rice and Onions at the side.
Sky is the limit ✈️. When I paint 🎨
His various derp faces 😍

Breakfast in Goa 😜

This is what my breakfast in Goa looks like 😀
Yes, I ate all 😉
Waffles 😋
Dinner in Goa – Sushi
I made Pop Tarts at home
Spinach Pesto Cottage Cheese Pizza. Super delicious and healthy.
Line and wash. When I paint 🎨
My sleeping partner ❤️
Can you see his twisty turvy teef 🤣
Just a friendly reminder, he is the most sleepy baby always.

Paneer Butter Masala – step by step

Roughly chopped onions and tomorrow. Plus green chillies and garlic. You can take ginger too. Though I don’t like ginger in this.
Add Oil to a pan and saute all these.
Once onions are semi soft, add red chilli powder for the colour. Cook everything on slow flame.
Add tomatoes. Cover and cook till semi soft.
Add kitchen king masala. Cover and cook till oil seperates from tomatoes.
Add a little water and corridor.
Once cooked, cool it completely and put it in a blender to make a paste adding little milk.
Keep the paste aside to use later. Add butter in a pan and cook bell pepper.
Then add the paste, cottage cheese and salt. Cook till a boil.
Lastly, add dried methi leaves (kasuri methi)
The dish is ready.

I had this with Onion Parathas.

Finely chopped onions, green chillies, white sesame seeds, coriander and ajwain.
Equal quantity all purpose flour and wheat flour. Plus salt. Bind it adding water as required. Then grease it with little oil.
Cover and leave aside for an hour
Make it on a tawa with clarified butter. Done.
Had made Rajma and Black Dal few days ago.
Tried soft pastels for the first time.

Tasty food, happy soul!

Masala Pav. Tangy spicy dish that activates all your taste buds.
Kind of Subway Sandwich made with a lot of Vegetables and Cottage Cheese.
Malabar Paratha. So many layers and delicious flavours.
Veg Pattie Burger
The different layers and the final outcome of Baked Mexican Rice. Yum!!!
Break free. When I paint 🎨
He occupies the whole bed leaving no room for me to sleep 🤷🏻‍♀️
Can you see his little two teef 🤣
I am lucky to get unlimited kisses 😘

Yummy in my tummy!

Yellow Thai Curry with lots of vegetables and tofu.
Mumbai special Pav Sandwich.
Kidney Beans Enchiladas 😋
Spinach Corn Khichdi
Cheesiest Vegetable Uttapam
Zatter Bread Rolls
Paneer Bhurji with Masala Pav
Some days I feel like adding all the colours to my art. And some days it’s only black and white.
I had left long before I moved out.
He fell asleep like this after his bath.
My only constant.
The way he sleeps 🤷🏻‍♀️