Paneer Butter Masala – step by step

Roughly chopped onions and tomorrow. Plus green chillies and garlic. You can take ginger too. Though I don’t like ginger in this.
Add Oil to a pan and saute all these.
Once onions are semi soft, add red chilli powder for the colour. Cook everything on slow flame.
Add tomatoes. Cover and cook till semi soft.
Add kitchen king masala. Cover and cook till oil seperates from tomatoes.
Add a little water and corridor.
Once cooked, cool it completely and put it in a blender to make a paste adding little milk.
Keep the paste aside to use later. Add butter in a pan and cook bell pepper.
Then add the paste, cottage cheese and salt. Cook till a boil.
Lastly, add dried methi leaves (kasuri methi)
The dish is ready.

I had this with Onion Parathas.

Finely chopped onions, green chillies, white sesame seeds, coriander and ajwain.
Equal quantity all purpose flour and wheat flour. Plus salt. Bind it adding water as required. Then grease it with little oil.
Cover and leave aside for an hour
Make it on a tawa with clarified butter. Done.
Had made Rajma and Black Dal few days ago.
Tried soft pastels for the first time.

Chinese Cuisine for Dinner

I made Paneer (cottage cheese) Chilli Dry, Schezwan Fried Rice and Paneer (cottage cheese) Manchurian Gravy for dinner with an Indian twist. This is not authentic Chinese Cuisine but a little more on the spicy side.

Schezwan Fried Rice
Paneer Manchurian Gravy
Paneer Chilli Dry