Is Life Fair?

No, life is not fair – but how we define fair is a matter of perception! One can have the world and yet not be content; and then there can be one with just enough to live and be fully content. But the truth is, words of the wise, while good to hear, rarely find an implementable spot in our lives!

Despite many of us living good, honest lives, content, life does not seem to shower its blessings on us. It is then that we wonder if life is unfair. It is human nature to compare, compete, and, feel dejected; especially when we see other having more money, huge properties, better relationships or good health. But the truth is, everyone is struggling. Everyone is fighting their own battles. And if one day we were asked to exchange our problems with each other, we will probably pick our own and move away.

I always wonder, that I had given the best of treatment to Casper, the best quality food, spent a lot of money to cure him; but he still, when it was his time to go – nothing in my power could save him. Then I think about the stray dogs. They live on the streets, they don’t know whether or not they will get their next meal, harsh weathers, etc. Still they survive and live long years. Then how is life fair?

The view from my bathroom

I was in a long distance relationship. When I first started dating, I got scared and told the guy that I cannot do a LDR. He told me, “You’ve had relationships with men who lived close to you and none of them worked out. Then why shy away because I live thousands of miles away. Who knows that this relationship will work out!” For the current update, we are still trying to work things out. But his words hit home. I dated people who were just at a hop skip and jump distance and it never turned out to be fruitful. And now we are still holding on to each other even though we are at a distance. Is life fair?

People say hard work is the key to success. It is true. But I have seen people who became filthy rich overnight without doing any hard work. And I have also seen people who hit rock bottom inspite of working their asses off and putting sweat and blood into the business to survive. How is this fair?

I know some many people who always lived a healthy lifestyle, and still died young due to heart attack. And I know some, one of them being my late grandpa, who smoked all his life and died at an of 89 years. My aunt has hit the gym for 15 years, followed a very strict healthy diet, and she still got cancer. When I had gone to visit her at the hospital when she was undergoing Chemotherapy, the cancer ward had as young as 4 years old kids with cancer. What did the child do to deserve this? This is truly not fair!

Let me tell you something about my personal life. When I was young, I was reckless, rude, arrogant, and, never really thought about others feelings before breaking their hearts. But I achieved everything at that young age like a blooming career, a husband that was my prince charming, money, luxury, etc. As I got older, I started realizing how toxic I was and improved myself. I have become the most lovable girl that anyone knows (people say that to me). But now, inspite of working hard, giving my everything in a relationship, I achieve the bare minimum. Sometimes, I feel I should become the hooligan that I was before. This only makes me think that there is no place for good people on this Earth. How can this be fair?

Another personal example is; Casper was a very pampered dog as compared to Junior. He was taken on endless holidays, trips, car rides, toys, clothes, belly rubs, etc. On the other hand, Junior just was an addition. On face value, I had 2 dogs. But it was mainly about Casper. But Casper died, and died young. After he passed away, I realized I didn’t know much about Junior’s favourite toy or his habits, whether or not he likes belly rubs, does he like car rides, etc. I felt ashamed. The point is, who was given everything didn’t survive, and who was neglected is now living his best life. I wasn’t fair and so being life.

We often wish to have a celebrity’s life. The glamour, the fame, the name, the money, the instant supply of money, the beauty and so on. But have you noticed, so many celebrities commit suicide. I cannot help but wonder, what did that person lack to take such a drastic step? Some of them were not even lonely, then why? Fair?

Bottom-line is, life is not fair. If someone has money, then they don’t have a good life partner. If someone has love, then they get a very short time to spend with their loved ones. If someone has money, love, career, then they cannot have kids. If someone has a loving family, then they do not have money. And let me not forget, someone so educated and talented is facing abuse from their spouse or children being beaten up by their parents. We all lack something or the other. And in these social media trending times, our comparisons have increased making us more miserable.

Yes, there are instances where all the hard work has paid off, a broken heart has become brand new, a degrading health has come back to the healthiest version, an obese person has become a bikini model, a beggar has become an overnight singing celebrity. But such instances are very few.

I hate my life! Is a phrase we hear quite often. I too have said it many a times. But if I have learnt anything in all these years, then that is – Life Goes On! Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. We cannot exist without the good and without the bad, like yin and yang. Yes, sometimes survival becomes very difficult, but as I have said earlier, find a reason to live. My reason to live is Junior. And no matter whatever problems I face in my life, I live for him. Unless you are winning, most of life will seem hideously unfair. So, don’t stop doing your hard work. Who knows one day your luck will shine bright!

Maid my day 🙂

Fun, Romantic, Silly – Date Ideas During Pandemic!

If the world was easier, would you still want to be with your person? This pandemic has not just affected the businesses and overall health of people, but has led to a lot of breakups too (including mine). But there are some who continued loving their partners no matter what. And there are some who even realized the value of their partners after staying apart due to lockdowns.

Regardless the reason, being in love and being loved is the best feeling in world. Now that the lockdowns have eased, but the fear of Coronavirus is still there, people are reluctant to step out just yet.

So here I am, sharing some fun indoor date ideas to rekindle the mystique once again:

  • Breakfast in bed:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it can be the most romantic too! I can bet over this as I have had firsthand experience. Impress your partner with an unexpected breakfast in bed. Whether you are serving just some hot tea/coffee with toast or cereals or have cooked an exotic breakfast spread, either way, your partner will relish the unexpected room service! The element of surprise is always fun, so attempt to wake up before your partner making the least noise as possible unless you are using appliances like the blender. If your partner wakes up, tell him/her to go back to sleep as you have a surprise. There is bound to be an immediate adrenaline rush hearing that and it will only add up to the excitement. You eat with your eyes first, so make the breakfast presentation in bed extra appetizing. Breakfast dates have been so undervalued but seeing those happy eyes first thing in the morning in your comfort zone is the best feeling.

  • Challenge in the kitchen:

Challenge your partner to a cook-off with random pantry ingredients. Oh my, this is going to turn out to be a laughter riot with romance. Pick a day, and, ask your partner to cook a dish from the ingredients available in the kitchen while you cook another one. Do not let each other know what you’ll are cooking and then…BOOM! You have 2 dishes with a lot of laughs and sweet fights for the same appliance or ingredients; some mess, and, a lot of kinky touching each other.

  • Spa at home:

Relax your partner with an at-home spa day. A scented candle, face packs, essential oils, steamy music, and, you are on cloud 9. This will even open doors for communication. Communicate openly, and, be open for communication. This is an unprecedented time in our lifetimes and it will create a series of emotions. Being able to talk about emotions and needs is the key to getting through these though times, and, it can happen smoothly when you are relaxed.

  • Dress up and role play:

This can be as romantic as possible to get it on. Wear your best lingerie or a party dress or tuxedo or just boxers. This itself will get you started. Have some drinks, and, role play to totally spice up your night. Let all your imaginations and fantasies come to life!

  • Workout together:

Whether it is yoga or weight lifting or just normal exercises, plan a day to do it together.                Choose exercises that couples can do with little kisses here and there. Couples that workout together, stay together. Hold hands, help each other in counts, reward your partner if he/she completes a fixed number of squats or pushups, etc. This surely turns out to be a hot and steamy workout session 😉

  • Test your singing skills:

A karaoke night singing your lungs out, wrong lyrics, bad voice and lots of fun. You do not have to be a fantastic singer, all you have to do is build the atmosphere and sing duets with your partner. Dance a little while singing, sing solo, have a great selection of songs, dim the lights, make videos of it and upload for fun, try a song of the opposite sex, etc. All in all, a creative and unique date night.

There are many other indoor date ideas like playing board games, floor picnic, dinner date, etc. But the above ones are sure shot to bring in a lot of laughter and reawaken the romance. Always remember, romance is not about the quantity of time you spend with each other, it is about the quality. But never suffocate each other by being around at all times. Give each other space, and, have your own life too.

As for me, I have never got bored living alone, and, I continue to have my own life even after being in a relationship. I have Junior and 50% of my day revolves around him. The other 50%, I work, paint, cook, read and exercise. At the moment, I am content with life and happy how it is going. In the near future, when I have a partner, I am surely going to try all the above date ideas. But I will modify them a little to involve Junior in it. One important tip, if you have dog, do leave him alone in a room or some place in the house for 2-3 hours. Because once we all start with our routine after the Novel Corona Virus, dogs will get separation anxiety if we leave the house. And for sure, you get those 2-3 hours to continue with your romantic date ideas as well!

Tricky Moments

Have you ever had a moment of blank out; a moment when something so scary happened, that within a matter of milliseconds, millions of thoughts rushed through your mind, squeezing your heart with the pressure equivalent to a zillion tons! I have gone through this more than a few times, and, as many of you may be assuming by now; it was not due to my ex or a failed relationship, but rather due to my dogs! While some of these moments were really scary, others were funny. But as it’s said, life is about moments. The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experiences, whether good or bad. Sharing some of my bad and good experiences where in some I cried, and others I laughed.

Let me start with the scariest, and, worst moment with Casper. When my ex-husband and I lived in Mumbai, we would set off to our farm house in Karjat every weekend. Of course, Casper would always be with us, and, we would all get time to spend with our other two dogs (Coal and Ruby) in Karjat. Casper too would get an open space to play, swim, and socialize with Coal and Ruby. Since there were no restaurants or vegetable market next to our farm house, we would always make a quick stop at a restaurant which was half an hour away from our farm house, pick up some food and then proceed to the farm house.  This one time, when as usual we stopped at the restaurant, I opened the car door to get out taking all precautions that Casper doesn’t come out. But somehow he managed to escape. My ex-husband had already walked a few steps towards the restaurant and I was near the car. I tried getting close to Casper (biggest mistake) but Casper thought we had to play, and, to my horror, ran straight towards the highway. I let out a loud cry because I saw a truck approaching, and, within a second I thought I had lost Casper today. Hearing my cry, my ex-husband immediately ran towards Casper. By then I had already closed my eyes and started crying hysterically. After a few minutes, I heard my ex-husband calling me and telling me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw Casper was in his arms – safe and sound. He had a narrow escape. I still get goosebumps thinking about this day.

Besides that, I had a very funny incident with Casper. My whole family along with Casper and Junior had gone for a long weekend to Deolali. The house that we have in Deolali is in a society which consists of 6 bungalows. All the bungalows were filled as it was the Diwali weekend, and everyone had come there with their family and friends. I was scared because I had 2 dogs with me and there were a lot of kids. Thankfully, Casper and Junior were welcomed with open arms and everyone had a great time. One morning, when I went for a shower, I had given my dogs responsibility to my brother in law to just keep an eye on them till I get free. My brother in law got up to have water and in no time, Casper and Junior ran out of the house, and, managed to enter all the other 5 bungalows, steal their breakfast, and, came back, almost smirking! I had come out of shower by then, and my brother in law briefed me as to what happened. A few moments later, I saw my neighbor coming towards us, and I was relatively sure that I was in for an argument to keep my dogs under control. I was so scared that I told my mom to face her and tell her sorry. But instead, she gave some food to Junior, and, told my mom that Casper was leading the way and alone ate all the food leaving nothing for Junior, so she came to feed Junior. Ha ha ha ha!

Let me share some events about Junior. Before that, let me brief you about the difference between Casper and Junior’s behavior. Casper’s recall command was very weak. Since he was my first dog, I didn’t have much knowledge about training dogs and followed whatever the trainer told me. So for Casper, if you get close to him, he would feel that it’s time to play catch and cook, and he would start running in the opposite direction. As for Junior, he is well trained but post Casper’s death, if any person or dog comes close to him, he feels they are approaching him to play.

When Junior was a puppy, his favorite place to hide was below the divan (a kind of an Indian sofa where you can spread your legs out and relax). On a regular day as I was running errands, I realized I hadn’t seen Junior around. I searched everywhere in the house and couldn’t find him. Panic struck, and, I started searching for him in my apartment tower, asked the watchman, went on the road, etc. but he was found nowhere. I came back home to call my ex-husband. Just then, I thought about looking below or near the divan; and that’s where I found Junior looking at me right in the eyes with that innocent look as if he never heard me calling out his name. I was overwrought for 30 minutes in looking him and calling out his name, but Junu acted so innocent. And as we all know, we get hypnotized by those puppy eyes and cannot stay angry with our fur babies. In true sense, this was a mini heart attack where I was terrified, eased and chuckled all at the same time.

One morning, when I was walking Junior, there was a stranger standing near a building waiting for the watchman to open the gate. When I looked at him, I noticed he looked a little nervous and was desperately waiting to enter safely in building because he was already scared of the stray dogs. He too noticed us walking towards his direction, but we were just taking our usual rounds. As we reached a little closer, out of nowhere Junior unpredictably ran towards that man. Since I wasn’t expecting this, the sudden tug made me let go of the leash and Junior started jumping on that already petrified man and that man started screaming “bachao-bachao” (help-help in Hindi) and started perspiring as if a lion was let loose. I wanted to laugh my lungs out that moment, but as soon as I could, I got hold of Junior’s leash and pulled him away from that man. I have never seen anyone run as fast as that man into the building in my life. I felt sorry for him, and, guilty for laughing, but this time someone else experienced a mini attack because of my dog.

Life is indeed full of moments, good or bad; that there are so many other big and small occurrences, like once Junior was left without a leash at the beach and he ran so far in the water that my friend just jumped in with his clothes and shoes to bring him back, or once Casper and Junior were locked out in balcony by my maid unintentionally because she thought they were in the room, and when I came home and couldn’t find them, etc. But all these moments make life worth living. There is no good without the bad and there is no bad without the good, like Yin and Yang. The best thing is, All’s well that ends well. Be precautious but don’t miss out on any moments due to stress or fear. Learn from the bad ones, and, cherish the good ones. We must slow down, and remember, how precious it is to be alive, to love, and, be loved.

11 Things My Dogs Have Taught Me

I had never thought my life would change so much after getting my dogs. Being a proud mom to two beautiful fur babies, I can bet that dogs are the best creatures that God has made. They have taught me a lot of things, but the most important of it was, being a decent human being. Here’s what I have learnt from my best friend, my companion, my babies, my dogs:

1. Loyalty:

My dogs don’t care if I am rich, poor, ugly, pretty, living in a big house or small. They always come running to me to shower me with kisses when I come home. After my separation from my ex-husband, I was forced to give my dogs for adoption. But they had taught me how to be loyal under any circumstances. So I fought for them, went against the world and never gave them up. They taught me that it is very easy to be loyal. The bond so strong and pure, that it is impossible to keep us apart.

2. Live in the moment:

Do dogs ever think what tomorrow will bring for them or what happened yesterday? No! They just live in the moment. Even if they have been having the same routine for years, they get happy at every walk or every meal that is served. We torture ourselves so much by thinking about the past or future, that we forget to live in the present. But my dogs have actually taught me to LIVE NOW, to be happy with what you have now. Hope for a good future, but never expect.

3. It doesn’t take much to make someone smile:

Even if my dog is sleeping, I will just end up smiling by realizing the simple fact that he exists. But honestly, my dogs make me smile and laugh instantly by just doing anything. I had read an article about a person who had left a suicide note before he took his life. The note said, “even if one person smiles at me today, I will not commit suicide.” I don’t know how far this is true, but one smile can definitely make a difference in someone’s life. So smile often.

4. Some of the best times are spent at home:

I am a very different person now than what I was during my young days. Those times, I would stay out all day long, meet friends, go bowling, play snooker, etc. But now, I love spending time at home with my dogs, in the peace and comfort of my space. Trust me, these are the best moments and I wouldn’t compromise this for any parties or outings. This has made me more of a peaceful person who believes in spending quality time with the ones you love.

5. Family keeps you going on the worst day:

This has been the most important realization by far. I have faced some bad days in my life where once I tried to commit suicide. But my dogs saved me. They have been my reason to live. And not just live, but to thrive. Had it not been for my dogs, parents and brother, I would have either been into depression or probably be dead. Always keep your family close. You will be replaced in a job or replaced by your lover, but never replaced in family. And your dogs will always be waiting for you their whole life. I am sure, everyone has heard or read about Hachiko. So, always keep going for your dogs, for your family.

6. Being fearless:

This doesn’t mean I never get scared. Yes, I do fear. But when it’s time, I throw my fear in the bin and face things with a brave face. I will give you an example. Once I was walking Casper and Junior and this auto rickshaw drive purposely banged into Junior (not hard) and started driving. I let out a loud abuse to him. He stopped his rickshaw, got out, picked a stone and started running towards me to hit me and my dogs. That was time when I said, “come what may, I will protect my dogs from this filthy man.” But before I could react, Casper pounced on that man, scared him and shooed him off. Because Caspu too thought the same, that anyhow he had to protect his Mumma. Fearlessly fight for the ones you love and who loves you.

7. Being happy and content in what and how much I have:

When I see Casper and Junior, I feel like the richest woman in this world. All I want is their good health, long life and their safety. They are my life’s most precious treasure. When Casper passed away, my world had come crashing down. But I had to live and come out of my depression for Junior. I didn’t bounce back for a luxury car or more money or a new boyfriend. I became me again for what was left, and that was Junior. I am more than happy to live in bare minimum, as far as I have Junior with me.

8. Make life simple:

People are strange. So much potential, yet here they are, doing everything that complicates their lives rather than simplifying it. My dogs taught me that if you cannot get something, pee on it, throw some mud and get moving. Just keep it that simple. If there is something you cannot change, why bother. And if there is something that you can change, change it and stop worrying.

9. Never grow old:

Your body may grow old, but always stay young at heart. Junior is aging, but I always tell everyone that he is still like a 2-year-old baby, and I just want to be like him. My dogs have kept me physically active also, but I still play hide-n-seek with my dogs, throw the ball, running around. All this keeps me still young at heart and happy. Just like Junior, who is 8+ years old, but still enjoys playing and belly rubs and ice creams, I too will enjoy all the little things even when I turn old.

10. Always keep a little Wolf in you:

Always keep that 20% wolf in you. If you ever give it up, you’re done. The beauty of a great dog doesn’t lie in its obedience but in its loyalty. Loyalty is a choice. Dogs choose to be dogs and not wolves. That’s what makes them so special. Same way, keep a little wolf within you. You never know, when you have to bring it out.

11. It is very easy to love one person your entire life:

In today’s world, where divorce and breaking up has become a trend, my dogs have taught me that one person is enough to love in a million ways. Every time I look at my dogs, I fall in love with them all over again. They have taught me different ways of loving one person. They have taught to me to love without limits, unconditional love, pure love.

If there is anything that my dogs have not taught me, it is to live without them. I still grieve Casper’s death. That void has never been filled and never will be. But he taught me valuable lessons in my life. Most of all, he saved my life. And for Junior, he still fills my life with a lot of joy, happiness and love. This Accidental Dog Mom is so grateful to God for accidentally bringing her dogs into her life and making her a good human being.

Goals that are not written down are just wishes!

I have always been fascinated with the idea of having a bucket list. A list of things that I want to do before I die. But when I sat down to write it, I surprised my own self on seeing how long it is and probably some of them impossible to achieve.

A bucket list opens the context for your life. It is a list to identify everything you have ever wanted to do, whether it is big or small, purposeful, or random. It’s just like planning all the highlights for your life. Even though I already set goals by default, I still found many new things to do while writing on my own list. It was an incredibly insightful exercise. What is more, coming up with my list gave me new-found enthusiasm knowing what I have planned for my life! It’s a reminder of all the things we want to achieve in our time on Earth so that instead of spending our time on pointless things, we direct it toward things that matter to us.

But the admirable thing about my bucket list is that Junior is a part of everything that I want to do, and I would not do even one single thing without him. I cannot help but wonder, any guy that I meet next would either be extremely frustrated with me for having Junior with me everywhere or love me to the core for having Junior everywhere. Because there are some activities in my bucket list that I would love to do with my partner, and of course Junior tags along.

So, without further ado, let me share my not so short 😊 bucket list with you all:

  1. For once, make Junior run free on the beach. No leash, no fear of him running away
  2. A photoshoot of Junior and me in the mountains
  3. Go trekking with Junior and my partner and spend the night below the starry sky and a campfire burning keeping us warm and cozy
  4. Junior playing in snow
  5. Go swimming with Junior
  6. Junior being present when I get married
  7. Having a baby and Junior and her becoming best of friends
  8. Taking Junior on a road trip with my partner and me and visiting various places along the way
  9. Giving Junior a bike ride
  10. Carrying Junior once in my arms like a baby. (Junior and me weigh the same, so I cannot carry him as he is heavy for me)
  11. Have a beautiful small comfortable house and Junior having his own space and bed and photo frames of Casper and Junior everywhere
  12. Being kissed in the rains
  13. Travel to Leh-Ladakh on bike
  14. Visit a few countries like Alaska, Ireland, Russia, Poland, South America, Cambodia, and South Korea
  15. Learn to dance
  16. Have a holiday home somewhere in the woods. (A wooden rustic cabin)
  17. Have a toned body with some abs
  18. Sky Dive
  19. Forgive my past lovers
  20. Have a surprise birthday once
  21. Open an animal shelter
  22. Open my own café
  23. Travel abroad solo once
  24. Being proposed that sweeps me off my feet
  25. Sit in a Sea Plane
  26. Having a carefree day. No worries, no stress. Just a happy day
  27. Become a Tarot Card Reader
  28. Visit Kedarnath Temple
  29. Eat local food of every country I visit
  30. Travel to all states in India
  31. Have a bachelorette trip to Bali
  32. Attend a Halloween Party
  33. Have a professional photoshoot with my partner, Junior and me
  34. A trip to a haunted house
  35. Being loved unconditionally

Besides wishing to do the above, I have already accomplished some of my goals which I have stroked out my bucket list. They are as follows:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Bungee Jumping
  3. Sat in a hot air balloon
  4. Scuba Diving
  5. Photoshoot with Casper and Junior at the beach
  6. Road trip with Casper
  7. Taken Casper swimming
  8. Started a business
  9. Studied Law
  10. Studied IATA
  11. Seen the Midnight Sun in Norway
  12. Seen the glow worm caves in New Zealand
  13. Visited 6 Flags (something I wanted to do for a long long time, and finally visited 2 years ago)
  14. Live alone
  15. Own a dog
  16. Slapped someone
  17. Getting married. (though divorce was not on my list)
  18. Run a Marathon
  19. Drive on the Express way
  20. An all-girls trip
  21. Indoor Sky Dive

So, that is what I have for now. It is said that When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. I will be updating my bucket list time and again as I cross items off or add new ones. I hope to document everything that I achieve, but as I said before, some of these are impossible. But I will try and achieve all my desires and having Junior by my side.

Did he see a ghost!!!

While there are people who believe in the paranormal, have you ever wondered whether your dog is able to sense the spirits? After all, canines have extraordinary senses that are much sharper than a human. Since childhood, I have always been fascinated by ghosts. A die-hard fan of horror movies; I have made it a point to watch almost every horror movie in the cinemas. I had read, and heard, that dogs can sense super natural or paranormal activity and was always curious if my Casper and Junior could do the same as well.  Personally, I had never faced or experienced any paranormal activity except for sleep paralysis. When that happened to me, first I thought a ghost was trying to enter my body. But after a little research, I realized it was actually sleep paralysis and no ghostly activity.

In addition to the five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing), dogs also possess a sixth sense — in laymen terms, that “gut” feeling we get when something doesn’t feel right. Dogs are remarkable creatures, with senses that far exceed a human.  A dogs sixth sense is a miraculous thing, which in itself suggests a supernatural order. The human intellect, however, for all its power and triumphs, is largely formed by this world and is therefore corruptible. A dog’s sixth sense, or intuition is a natural gift! While we humans to a small extent also have that sixth sense, we are usually not so trusting or acting towards those feelings as much as dogs are. Our minds tend to analyze what’s going on, and deny the possibility that something is amiss or is about to happen.

A dog can detect or sense a disaster before it happens; they can even detect an illness in their humans. Casper and Junior, both are so intelligent (I am sure all dogs are) that when anyone is about to come home, they would be at the door some seconds or even minutes before the doorbell rings. As humans, we find it very hard to believe that another animal can do something that we can; even when we see animals doing amazing things right in front of our eyes. For instance, Junior would even know a day before when we are going on a holiday. He would start following me in the house at all times a day prior to our holiday. Dogs can even sense danger, and are usually a very good judge of character. My friend had narrated an incident to me when she and her son were walking home, and the street was kind of isolated. She noticed a suspicious stranger started following her and panicked a little. But just then, the stray dogs started barking and became alert due to which the man got scared and chose to discontinue his intents. On a side note, when Casper was dying, he refused to walk out of the house that day for his treatment. I thought he was scared of the vet’s clinic. But within two hours, he passed. I believe, he had already sensed his end, and wanted to spend his last hours at home, which I did not realize that time. Many dogs, choose to go into hiding right before they are about to die. It is basically their natural instinct which tells that what I coming, and, their body reacts accordingly.

We all know, a dog’s vision, nose and ears are highly attuned and enduring. When they can sense, see and feel so much that is beyond the capacity of a human, then can they see ghosts? Unfortunately, this is one of the many unanswered questions we humans have about dogs. For me, who believes in the good and the bad, God and Ghosts, I will believe that dogs can see or sense the paranormal. It may sound funny, but living alone with dogs, when I hear any sound at night, the first thing I do is look at my dog. If he is relaxing and sleeping, then I go back to sleep without any worry. I distinctly remember this one-time Casper kept barking looking towards the balcony of my house. (I will attach the video also if I find it) We tried to distract him, closed the balcony door, also went in the balcony to see if anything was there and found nothing, but, Casper wouldn’t budge. He continued barking for two days straight and eventually stopped on his own. I have no explanation to this, but clearly, there was something to it.

Casper was barking since long. When we noticed it was something unusual, I started video shooting it. We even moved the bedsheet that was drying to see if he was getting scared of that, but no. It was something else.

The book “Tails of the Afterlife” by Peggy Schmidt journals multiple instances of the unexplained actions by dogs who apparently interact with something, or someone, unseen. And supposedly, they are true stories. We see a lot of horror movies too where the dog can sense something not so normal and starts barking or alerts his owners. Though most of the movies are fictional, but it is believed or let me say assumed since many years that dogs can see or sense the super natural or paranormal.

Junior knew before someone was at the door.

While, there is no scientific proof to whether or not dogs can see ghosts, we all are aware that there are those few things or incident in life which are unexplained. I am not being gullible or trying to spread some superstitious tale, just sharing some thoughts which are definitely to be pondered over. It is said ‘Intuition is the nose of the heart’ – Let’s embrace this mystery and also be alert ourselves as many a times when our dogs are behaving eerie, it could even indicate some health issues in our pets which we may mistake it to “my dog is seeing a ghost”. It’s important to understand that dogs do not generally exhibit signs of illness when they first start to feel bad. It is believed that they instinctively hide their illness as a form of self-protection. After all, we love our pets so much that we can even fight the paranormal for them ;). 

Life would be RUFF without you!

Had we ever even imagined that in our entire life time we would be in a situation like the ones we are in today? Arrogant humanity always thought that among all living beings only humans can write a sensational story in the world! But here’s a nano organism called corona-virus – proved the opposite of this!  But the fact is that the mind is more powerful than the body and it’s all a matter of acceptance! We all panicked first when the lock-down was first imposed, and, now we are adopting to this new lifestyle which has come to be known and the “new normal”.

In India, the lock-down was imposed on the 24th of March 2020 for 21 days initially.  My first few days went in utter panic as to how am I going to stay at home alone with Junior. I also feared Junior’s walks and well-being for staying locked in for 21 days. But as days passed by, the fear subsided and I started to accept the realty and make adjustments to living the new lifestyle. Junior, I must say, has been such a patient dog that he too adjusted to the new normal. As such, Dogs have a keen sixth sense and usually know when they should behave how. I read quite a few articles where some people adopted dogs during the lock-down to give them company; on the other hand I also hear stories about some people who chose to abandon their dogs as they either feared contracting the virus or just didn’t have enough money left to support the dog due to going out of work. Now, after 3 months and with some relaxations in place for the lock-down, I am reading that many who adopted dogs during lock-down are giving them up for adoption again. It is said Catastrophe reveals character, and those who are treating dogs as toys are in my opinion not worth being called humans.

I am a dog mom and under no circumstances I would ever abandon my dogs. Whether I have to get married, leave the country, the pandemic, any natural disaster, lack of money, etc. My dog is my baby and just because he is an animal, does not make his importance any less.  During these though times, I have tried to make Junior’s life as comfortable as I could. I agree it wasn’t easy, but, if you have the will, you will find the way. In these 3 months, I did have my ups and downs; I too got depressed and anxious for some reason or the other.  But I never let that affect Junior.

We lost a young and talented movie actor to suicide around 2 weeks ago. The whole country is mourning his death; Infact, many young kids who were his die-hard fans also committed suicide as they grieved over this news. There are a lot of speculations to why he took such a drastic step; some say he was in depression due to work, some say he had family issues. While the truth has gone to the grave with him, his demise has raised many questions about people suffering from depression. The reason I mention this is because, he had a dog too named Fudge; A very cute and adorable Labrador. It makes me wonder; didn’t he think of his dog before taking his life? Where was his dog when this happened? My mom always says, when a person wants to take his own life, it is just a matter of seconds, and if in those seconds someone calls or talks to them or diverts their mind, this can be averted. I can say this is 100% true. I remember the time when I was ready to commit suicide and just in the nick of time, Casper jumped on me and started licking my tears. That was the first and last time I had ever thought of taking my life. After that incident, I pledged to work on myself and my life, especially for my dogs. Had it not been for Casper, I wouldn’t be here right now writing this. There are many people who have come forward to adopt the late actor’s dog. I hope he finds a wonderful house, and, I also hope people understand that a dog is for life, not just for a global pandemic.

Are dogs really good for you? Let me share my views on this based on my personal experience:

  • Dogs are just not cuddle partners. In fact, they bring real health benefits. They help lower stress levels not only in adults but also in children. Dogs have also been linked to lower blood pressure.
  • Despite of gyms being shut and the inability to go out for walks, I have been physically active because of my dog. I literally have the best buddy to work from home, who gives me continues breaks by tapping on me so that I get up from my chair and give him a treat or give him belly rubs.
  • Dogs keep you mentally sane – Due to Junior, there has never been a dull or boring moment in all these days
  • Dogs are very alert and Junior is usually at the door even before the bell rings. Their sixth sense make them extremely intelligent companions
  • Dogs make you forget HATE; as such the word HATE does not exist in their dictionary
  • My dogs not only saved my life, but If I am even just sad, they cuddle me and all my sadness is driven away. Even though I feel I am taking care of my dogs, the reality is, they are taking care of me
  • I automatically become more attractive to people when I say I have a dog J hahaha true!
  • I sleep well and fearless at night; I practically need no one to talk to, because I keep talking to my dogs and they listen without judging me
  • My dog’s social media account has more followers than my personal account (rolling eyes)
  • I have made more friends in the past few years because of my dogs
  • If I am on the phone for too long, he starts growling and barking at me to hang up, sometimes it’s the best thing to end a boring phone call J
  • He is the best excuse for me to come home early as I do not like socializing a lot
  • I love my space and when some people want to hang out with me uninvited, I suddenly remember I have to take Junior for a walk J

Let’s all us pet parents agree, some way or the other we have used our dog’s excuse to get out of a boring or unwanted situation. Isn’t it? The only disadvantage of a dog is, their short lives. Apart from that, I am a very happy and content person now. And I cannot thank God enough for sending my dogs to me accidentally. This lock-down made me realize, we need very little to live happily, and if you have the company of a dog, life is still so beautiful even though there are speculations that the world in going to end. It’s really all about being content with what we have, and what we can make out of it. We can either sit and crib today speculating the tomorrow; or we can live today and have fond memories of it tomorrow. The only thing to remember is today can never be lived again, and the last thing we want is to tomorrow repent wasting our today!

Happy lil’ week 😊

What I cooked last week.

Stuffed Paratha with Paneer and Cheese. And cooked garlic butter. Super delicious and filling.
Chole. Chickpeas in onion tomato gravy and wholesome spices. Protein filled dish to be had with puri or bhatura.
They always wait for us, don’t they? I painted this on Casper’s birthday (17th June). Waiting for me from the other side.
My cuddle partner ❤️
We are made and mad for eachother 💕

I’m Im’Paw’sable :)

A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself. We have all read and heard this before. But have you thought what he must be thinking throughout the day? Now that I am spending 24 hours with him because of the lockdown, I got pretty curious and tried to interpret his thoughts in my way. You always know what a dog is thinking. It has four moods. Happy, sad, cross, and concentrating.

4.30am: (Alarm rings) Mumma wake up. It’s time to feed me.

4.31am: (Mumma still trying to open her eyes) You are already a minute late. Wake up and give me food.

4.35am: Ok Mumma, you have 30 seconds to freshen up and then take me for a walk.

4.45am: (On walk)

  • Oh! These car tyres look interesting. I should smell all of them and pee on one of them.
  • The stray dogs are fighting. I should participate and show them who the king is.
  • This human is walking close to us; I think he wants to play with me. I should jump on him and let him know that I too am interested in playing. (Ignores Mom and her instructions throughout the walk)
  • Every day I feel Mumma has changed my name to “stop that” or “what’s in your mouth”.

5.15am: (Back home) That was a good walk. I am tired and should sleep now. I have a long day to go to help Mumma in her routine. She cannot do anything without me. (Starts snoring in 10 seconds)

9.00am: My bowl won’t fill itself Mumma. Pour in my breakfast. (Finishes his food in 0.5 seconds and sits in the kitchen staring at Mom)

  • Do you think an active handsome good boy like me is appeased in the crumbs that you feed me?
  • (Mom gives a Carrot and sits to have her Tea. Junior finishes the Carrot in 0.3 seconds and sits in front of Mumma). Feed me that biscuit you are having. I hope you know that sharing is caring.

9.30am to 5.00pm: Mumma is leaving the room where I am in. I think I should follow her. She might need some help.

  • Mumma got up again. Maybe we are going on some adventure.
  • Someone is at the door. I should run first before Mumma opens the door and protect her.
  • Mumma is using the toilet. I should join her. She doesn’t like being alone.
  • The room is cold. Mumma must be shivering. I should sleep on her and leave 3/4th bed empty.
  • Mumma is watching TV. I should aimlessly stare at her. Maybe she will feel pity on me and give me a snack.
  • Something smells good. I should sit right next to Mumma while she eats her lunch and drool so that when she accidently drops something, it directly falls into my mouth.
  • Why is Mumma hugging me every 30 minutes? I am not a baby. I am a grown up boy. I feel embarrassed. (Comes and sleeps on Mumma’s lap whenever she is sitting on the couch)
  • I just drank all the water in the bowl a minute ago. When I came back, it was full again. Is the bowl haunted?

5.00pm: Yay! It’s time for my third official meal of the day. I am so excited.

5.30pm: (Brings toy) C’mon lazy bones. Move your ass and play tug-of-war with me. Let me show you who rules this house. (Plays tirelessly for 20 minutes)

6.00pm: (Mumma is doing Yoga) She needs assistance. I should be as close to her as I can. What if she falls while doing her exercise? (30 minutes exercise turns into 45 minutes, extra 15 minutes to move Junior from the mat)

7.00pm: Thank God the maids are not allowed in this lockdown. Or else Mumma would never learn to do her own work. (Mumma is sweeping and brooming). Wow! Mumma just cleaned this spot. I should walk over it and see how it feels. (Dirties the place again)

7.30pm: Oh no! My last meal of the day. Doesn’t Mumma understand? Four meals are not enough for me. She keeps telling me I will become fat if I eat more. But look at me. I am dying of hunger. These humans have no feelings at all. But I will continue giving her puppy eyes till she ply’s in and gives me 10 meals a day. After all, where there is a will, there is a way.

8.00pm: (Mumma is cooking dinner) I should sit in the kitchen even though it is hot there. My Mumma needs supervision or else she will cook everything and will not have pity on me to feed me some potatoes or cheese.

8.30pm: Look at this selfish human. Having dinner alone without even offering me anything! I need a lawyer. Or can someone come forward and adopt her?

9.00pm: I am done for the day. I am super tired after assisting Mumma all day long. She is sitting with her laptop/art book to work/paint. I should sleep right behind her chair, just incase she needs my help again. (Sleeps with all four legs sticking out in the air and snoring loud)

10.00pm: Mumma is on a video call with her family. I should be a party to it and let everyone know that she is mine.

11.00pm: Mumma has finished all her work and calling me in the bedroom to sleep. I will give a deaf ear till she personally comes out, picks me up and takes me in the room. I work hard. I deserve this pampering and attention. In return, she will get some wet kisses from me.

It was a beautiful day. Mumma and Baby sleeping soundlessly! All’s Well That Ends Well! After all, it’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matters.

Weekly fun

A colourful picture gallery of what Junior and me did in the last week.

I made Khichdi with Gatte ki Sabzi. A combination of Gujarati and Marwadi Cuisine. Extremely healthy and delicious.
Cooker Bread Rolls with Potato and Mayonnaise stuffing.
Painted this for my brother his birthday which was on the 28th.
Junior was super sleepy but still wanted to admire Mumma 😍
Mumma was annoying, but Junior still posed 😆
My Mom made tasty Brownie/Cake for my brother’s birthday.