We Went On A Vacation

So many things going on at the moment! Although it is difficult to balance it out and simplify life, but sometimes it is too much to handle. Junior is scheduled for his blood test before his stye and cataract surgery, my work is expanding which has increased my work load, all of a sudden my electrical gadgets are mutilating, my car broke down on the highway in heavy rains, etc. Knowing the person that I am, I can handle every punch thrown at me by life. But sometimes, it becomes overwhelming and I need to shut down or take a break for a few days to recharge myself.

And that’s exactly what I did! I left for a short trip with Junior and some cousin; not just to give myself a break, but also for Junior to have a little change. We had gone for only two days, but trust me when I say this; those two days were enough for both of us to recharge and come back fresh. It all mattered to the company we had and the place we went to. Junior was the center of attraction and he was playing and running around like a free bird. Seeing him being a happy dog made me so happy that I was automatically rejuvenated.

We went to a place called Deolali in Maharashtra. Deolali was a British Army camp 100 miles north-east of Mumbai (then called Bombay). It was the original location of the Army Staff College. Basically, it is an Army Camp in the Hills. However, now there are many civilian residents there and we have a home as well. So Junior was going from one home to another. The difference is, Junior had ample of open space to run around, the weather was good, we were in nature, we were in our private property where we didn’t have to wear our mask or fear the CoronaVirus and we were with our best people.

In this post, I won’t write much. I just want you all to see the beautiful place and how Junior had fun.

Besides our vacation, today is my elder son Casper’s birthday. Had he been living, he would have been 11 years old. Every passing year I miss him more. All I can do is, hold on to his memories until the time comes and I get to hug him Heaven.


Indo Western Food

Typical Gujarati Lunch – Bajri (gravel) Rotla, Baingan (brinjal) Bhaji, Bhindi (lady finger) and Dal.
Garlic Buns
At midnight, I suddenly had a craving to bake buns. So now I call them – Midnight Buns
Pesto Noodles
Mushroom Risotto
Diet Pizza made of Wheat Base, homemade Pizza Sauce and Cottage Cheese.
This is a Gujarati dish called Handvo. Filled with veggies, crispy on the outside and healthy.
Masala Khichdi. Again, lots of vegetables and protein rich.
When I make art with Oil Pastels (crayons)
Post bath
Little cuddle baby he becomes after bath
Big Rat 😅

Junior turns 9

My baby is turning 9 years old tomorrow. After Casper’s death at a young age, I always had this fear in me if Junior could make it to old age. Touchwood, insipte of having some grave health issues in the past, Junior will be celebrating a healthy 9th birthday. I am beyond happy and wish him more and more healthy years to come.

But, we are not celebrating. Last year I had thought that we will celebrate next year as we were in lockdown. Who knew, this year we would be in the same situation. Infact worse. The second wave of Coronavirus came like a disaster in India and we lost a lot of our loved ones.

However, let’s look at the positive. Junior has already received so many gifts from his friends, especially from Kolkata from his friends Brad and Pitt (Labradors) who happen to share the same birthday as Junior, that I am jealous…..ha ha ha ha! Each year, he gets more presents and wishes than I get on my birthday. And I am so glad to see so many dog lovers all around who do not consider their pet’s birthday lightly. Each birthday is mile stone that our dogs lived another year of being healthy, and moreover, they are still with us; as we know they do not live as long as us.

But I have planned to make this day special for him. Unfortunately, I cannot feed him anything besides his medicated dog food. So I am going to take him to his grandparents’ house (my parents). He hasn’t been there since last year because of the pandemic. And my parents too are super excited for him to be with them. Not that my parents haven’t met him. They come to my house to meet him, but tomorrow Junior will be spending his day with them. Besides my parents, my brother too is highly anticipated in spending the day with him. And my brother is Junior’s second favourite human after me.

Aren’t grandparents’ so cute! My mom has been telling me that she will bake a cake for him, even though he cannot eat. And she has warned me to not say a word in this case. Yes, she won’t feed him as his health is a priority. But she wants to still bake one and complete his birthday.

My brother has decided to then take him for a small drive as Junior loves car rides. We cannot wander around much because of the lockdown restrictions. And my Dad has just decided to clear the house and make space for Junior to run around. That’s his way of showing love.

Let me inform you, these are the same parents who never wanted dogs…..ha ha ha ha! And now they are planning his birthday. He is the same Dad who had once asked me to give my dogs for adoption so that I can remarry. But now, if I get any marriage proposal, his first statement is, “my daughter will get married only if Junior is also accepted, or else we are not interested.”

As I have mentioned before, Casper’s death changed the entire perspective of my parents. They never hated dogs. But his death left a void even in them that made them realise how important my dogs are in my life and even in theirs. It hit them harder than accepted.

Though I wish I could have called Junior’s friends home and had a little party. But looking at the circumstances, it is better to be safe and not meet many people and keep everyone safe. Hopefully, next year when everything is over and Covid19 becomes history, I will celebrate Junior’s birthday at a pet café or restaurant with his friends, or take him out of town where he can run and play freely without any leash.

As of now, I am excited to take him to my parents’ house after 1.5 years and waiting to see his reaction. Have a good time with family together and this way, my parents and brother will also divert their minds from the ongoing stress and anxiety. Hopefully, it all turns out well. I would be happy to know how you’ll celebrate your pets’ birthdays and do share some pictures. It’s always a pleasure to see these pooches happy and goofing around.