Good food, good mood πŸ₯°

Sesame Seeds Potato sabzi
Once again, Mumbai special Pav Vada
Mixed vegetable Pulao
One of my favourites, Pav Sandwich made in spicy garlic sauce and veggies of your choice.
Bread and Vegetables Salad made in Curd, Honey, Salt and Pepper dressing.
Open Sandwich with Falafel PattΓ­e and Veggies
The featured image of Vegetable Burger and Fries
Tried my first portrait in Watercolours. My baby Junior πŸ’•
Since it was Halloween, I painted this yesterday.
Taking some Vitamin D
Deep thinking 🧐
He plays at his comfort level 😁

Party in my mouth

Gram Flour Potato Gravy
Spinach Paratha
Vegan Cauliflower Sauce Noodle Pasta
Paneer Pakoras and Ginger Tea
Mumbai Special Bajiya Pav and Pav Vada
Bread Bhaji. Another Mumbai special dish to be had with Pav, but I choose bread this time.
Pesto Pasta, Hummus and Papad Chips
Vegetable Momos
Because every life matters. When I paint 🎨
He caught me clicking his picture 😁
I wake up to this face every morning 😍
He was not pleased with his ferminated hair πŸ™„

Foodie Goodie

Loaded Nachos with Kidney Beans, Sour Cream and Cheese Sauce. Everything made by me 😊
Creamy Mushroom Risotto
Cheese Dosa, Sambhar, Masala Aloo and Coconut Chutney
Heart Shaped Mushroom Pizza. Again, everything made by me including the pizza base.
Paneer Bhurji. Can be had with Bread, Roti, Paratha and even Rice. I put it in a Sandwich.
Open Paneer Bhurji Sandwich
My Sandwich is ready
A dream to have a cabin in the woods where it even snows. When I paint 🎨
Like Mumma, Like Son ❀️
He is disappointed seeing his fermanted hair πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Deep Sleep 😍


Super healthy Beetroot Soup
Quick and easy Papad Sabzi
Mumbai special Bhel
Chai and Pakoras (potato and onion)
Gujarati Cuisine Thepla, Aloo Sabzi, Pickle, Curd and Chilli.
3 people, 3 Coffee preferences πŸ™ˆ
Calm Peaceful Night πŸŒƒ
How he sleeps πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Mumma’s Boy ❀️
I think I need to fix him again πŸ˜ƒ


Cheese Paneer Bhurji
Masala Pav
Makai Bhajiya (Sweetcorn Pakoras)
Tandoori Paneer Pizza. My all time favourite ☺️
Pesto Mushroom Pastas
Sister made it, brother decorated it and I ate it πŸ˜€ Donut
A starry night, warming in each other’s arms. Bliss! I made this in Oil Pastels.
He invaded my selfie πŸ˜‚
My Model
His eyes are on the treat 😊
Just showing off his bandana 😜

Soul Food 😊

Paneer Butter Masala and Malabar Paratha. The best combination with Onions and Pickle.
Rawa Idli (Samolina) made with spices and eaten with Chutney and Sambhar.
Creamy Mushroom Risotto. My favourite 😍
Mumbai special chaat Bhel
Cheesy Pasta in Tomato Sauce. I do not like red sauce, but once in a blue moon I make this with Cheese. The pastas are wheat pasta.
Never be afraid to walk alone, for it is the walk that will make you the strongest. When I paint 🎨
My unwell baby taking rest 😘
His favourite position to sleep πŸ€—

Food, Me and my sleeping Baby πŸ˜

The featured image is of my lunch plate consisting of Cabbage Sabzi, Cucumber Salad, Sago Papad, Mango, Masala Moong Dal and Gram Flour Vegetables Pan Cake.

Sabudana or Sago Vada. You can make Sago Khichdi also with the same ingredients.
Most of the times, my dinner is very light. This is Pumpkin Salad with spices.
I made Pesto Sauce at home with Almonds.
Mushroom Pesto Risotto
Waiting for this Corona to get over so that I can pack my bags and go for a holiday fearless. When I paint 😊
Early morning cuddling πŸ₯°
He is Mumma’s tail. Even if he is uncomfortable, he will still sleep where Mumma is sitting.
And sometimes, he will occupy 3/4th of the couch and leave Mumma bare minimum room to park her bums 🀣

All the things that I love

The featured image is of Pav Bhaji. This dish is a Mumbai local. It’s a mix of all the vegetables, butter and some masalas; to be eaten with Pav.

Pav Bhaji. Yummm!
This is called Handva. It is a thick pancake, shallow fried and amazing for a pot meal.
My lunch plate which consists of Puri, Chole, Aloo Sabzi, Doodh Pak (Milk and Rice Custard), Dal, Pickle and a sweet.
Tandoori Paneer Pizza
Garlic Bread. My Dad favourite 😊
I painted this lovely house.
Every bite you take, I’ll be watching you πŸ˜‚
That’s his favourite position to sleep 😜
The love for him is infinite ❀️

Another cheerless dusky week β˜ΉοΈ

The featured image is of usually what a Gujarati lunch looks like. Still some items are missing like papad and pickle. Nevertheless, there are two sabzis in the plate. One is Potato Cabbage sabzi and the other one is Soya Curry. Along with Roti, Dhokla, Dal and Chutney. A wholesome meal.

Spicy Veg Para. This is made from Rice Flour and Semolina. It’s shallow fried. You can even bake it. A light evening snack.
Bhindi and Aloo made in Besan. Extremely delicious and healthy.
Veh Manchurian Gravy. Yummmm!
Veg Manchurian Balls
Mayo Cheese Masala Frankie. Good for cheat days πŸ˜›
Painted two scenes on one paper.
A gorgeous evening at the beach
Somewhere in the wild
When God made us, he said “Ta Da!”
We are good together 😘
Yes! I am the crazy dog lady and Junior understood that πŸ˜‚

The week was mine, and I owned it!

The featured image is of Sweet Corns in Spinach Gravy. Absolutely healthy and a treat in the mouth.

One of my favourites. Falafal. Yes, I made a Falafal Wrap also from this.
Creamy Chessy Mushroom Spinach Lasagna.
Paneer Pulao. Have it with curd or as it is, it is mouth watering.
Homemade Pizza in ultra delicious tomato sauce and home baked base.
A simple and quick sabzi for Jain’s made from Bananas and Cardimom Powder.
Again a dish for Jain’s. Banana Pakoras with Coconut Chutney.
Just painted free hand this time. A semi traditional cityscape in rains.
My kiddo relishing over Ice Cream 😘
Who’s there?
Miss those days when we could freely go to the beach.