Hang in there!

I have never seen a strong person with an easy past. And what I know for sure is that tough times make people tough. We love being mentally strong, but we hate situations that allow us to put our mental strength to good use. All we really have to do is, hang in there, acknowledge our feeling’s, have patience, and wait for the storm to pass. In these tough times of the pandemic, having a calm attitude is very important. Because the right mindset is half the battle won. 

COVID_19 has plagued the world and brought it down to its knees; not only is it taking lives, but also will result in a huge economic disaster. Let’s talk about the problems and mental health of people facing all over the world due to the lockdown and COVID_19. I only want to tell you, you are not alone and we are all in this together.

As I read many articles, I realised that this lockdown has taken a toll on a lot of people’s mental health. Particularly, I read this article of a 21 years old boy taking his own life. We would never know what a person is thinking or going through just before taking their own life. In such times, having someone by one’s side is so important. So please keep checking on your people who live alone. I too live alone. But as I have said before, my dogs have kept me sane at all levels, and at all times. Yes, there was a time once years ago that I too had considered suicide. I sat on the bed all prepared to take the plunge. But just in the nick of time, Casper jumped on me and started licking my tears of. That very moment I kicked back the plan to give up on life and live. This may be probably why even this lockdown has not affected me much. It is not that that I do not have any issues right now; but I have learnt that having problems is a part and parcel of life. How you deal with it, is all that really counts. Yes, I do have my well-wishers and near and dear ones with me. But throughout the day and night, I am alone with Junior and it will never be enough for me to stress on the fact that he keeps me sane.

Me and Mine

Many a times when I am alone in my thoughts, especially in the evenings and nights; I linger onto my past and present and put myself in a state of fear and panic due to over thinking. But one thing for a fact is, till date whatever I have over thought, only 10% of it has ever come out to be true. Remaining 90% have always been a complete waste of time, and not only unnecessarily puts me into a troubled state, but also those in front of me to whom I vent out to. I sometimes do not even trust my gut as I do not know if it is my intuition telling me something or my defence mechanism stopping me. We humans are very complicated. And that’s why, accidentally my dogs came into my life and helped me sail through the ups and downs. So much so, that Casper even taught me how to let go. He taught me that everything is temporary, so make the most out of life TODAY. Don’t hold on to anything if not given freely, whether it is friendship, relationship, job, etc. 

Life is not fair. The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that it should be fair. When times are tough, it can be very difficult to follow your heart. I believe fear and greed drives a person into taking decisions that most of us regret later. Trust me, the biggest fear doesn’t really exist. Thoughts drive through our minds all the time. Like traffic, they might flow smoothly. But they sometimes also back up, causing a traffic jam. When they collide, the impact can truly throw us psychologically, making you anxious, depressed, or generally distressed. However, just because they are driving through your mind, it does not mean they represent an objective reality. They are often more a figment of your imagination than an observation. So, for a life that flows smoothly, it is essential that you not believe everything you think.

Sometimes it is going to hurt a lot more, when you feel alone. Sometimes it is going to get tough, when you feel you are in a dark place. The first thing you got to realise that you have to love yourself. It is all about self love. Fall in love with yourself again. Make an impact in this world. All we know is life is short. We all sleep with plans for tomorrow. But many people did not wake up; and here you are, still living. Life is living. There is the good, there is the bad and there is RIGHT NOW.

You cannot or rather should not wait on somebody for your happiness. You cannot endlessly wait on somebody to make your life better; You and only you have to do it for yourself and leave your mark. Help someone or lift them up when they are weak. And maybe when you are at your weakest, someone will lift you up. Because we all struggle. Make sure you make your mark in this world, because someone didn’t make it alive today. But you did. Keep living, keep fighting, and do not give up.

Casper and Junior

Most of us are more worried about the financial losses we are facing because of the lockdown than the virus itself. Others are worried about court dates. Then there are many worried about paying rents or being evicted from their houses by the landlord. Some children are living with abusive parents whose only escape was school. Some people are living with abusive partners whose escape was going for work or meeting a friend for coffee. The list of problems is endless. But what I learnt from my past experiences is that, these bad days will pass. Though, like a kidney stone, but it will pass, and there will be sunshine again. And as it’s said, we do not appreciate the sunshine unless there are rains. Sometimes it will take years to become successful. Sometimes it will take a lot of punches to hit back right.

Till then, relax, reset and then restart. We all know what the symptoms are of Corona virus. We all know what precautions have to be taken to stay away from this virus. So let’s be smart and take care of our own selves than relying on anyone else. And one more time, this virus doesn’t spread through dogs, so do not abandon them.